Pompeo Enlists US Energy Conglomerates For Global Oil War

By Bill Van Auken, Wsws.org -

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an extraordinary speech this week to a conference attended by representatives of the major US energy conglomerates in which he appealed to “Big Oil” to [...]

Everyone Has Fallen For The Lies About Venezuela

By Lee Camp, Truthdig.com -

Let’s take a second to go over the big three. There are three things that seem to provoke the ornery United States into overthrowing or bringing down a foreign government, no matter how many [...]

New U.S. Oil And Gas Drilling To Unleash 1,000 Coal Plants’ Worth Of Pollution By 2050

By Alexander C. Kaufman, Huffingtonpost.com -

The great American fracking boom threatens to undermine efforts to avoid climate catastrophe in this century. Amid mounting calls to phase out fossil fuels in the face of rapidly worsening [...]

G20: You Can Smell Tear Gas In The Streets As The Oil Industry Squabbles

By Globetrotter, Independentmediainstitute.org -

Last week, two important meetings took place—one, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of the Group of 20 (G20) nations, and two, in Vienna, Austria, of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting [...]

Yemen’s Oil-Rich Shabwa Province Declares Independence, Orders Saudi-Allied Government Out

By Ahmed Abdulkareem, Mintpressnews.com -

SHABWA, YEMEN — Shabwa governorate, an oil-producing province in eastern Yemen, announced its independence from Yemen on Wednesday. A national council headed by the Chairman of the People’s [...]

The Only Bridge We DON’T Need Is The One We’re Building

By Eleanor Goldfield, Artkillingapathy.com -

When people say that fracked gas and oil are bridge fuels, I can’t help but think that they’re either joking or making some deep, albeit strained, social commentary. Maybe it’s a dig against this [...]

Mass Social Unrest Leaves Iraq’s Oil Capital In Flames

By Bill Van Auken, Wsws.org -

Iraq’s southern city of Basra, the country’s oil capital and center of its Shia majority, has seen mass protests that have left many of the buildings housing offices of the government, the main [...]

BP And Big Oil Drive Society Over The “Climate Cliff”

By Andy Rowell, Priceofoil.org -

At the end of July, as the American wildfires began to take hold in California, British oil giant BP made its biggest financial deal in nearly twenty years. In retrospect it would have been [...]

Protests Force Haitian Prime Minister To Resign

By Harriet Agerholm, Independent.co.uk -

The Haitian prime minister resigns after his government raised fuel prices, setting off a wave of deadly riots. Jack Guy Lafontant stood down before a vote that could have led to his removal [...]

‘A Good Day To Protect The Things You Love’: Anti-Pipeline Climbers Block Trans Mountain Oil Tanker

By Jessica Corbett, Commondreams.org -

As green groups and Indigenous leaders continue to raise alarm about the ecological and economic threats of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project—which Canadian Prime Minister Justin [...]

This Tiny California Beach Town Is Suing Big Oil. It Sees This Is A Fight For Survival.

By David Hasemyer, Insideclimatenews.org -

IMPERIAL BEACH, California—Among Serge Dedina's first stops on a brisk morning tour of this small seaside city is a wall that separates a row of frayed apartments from wetlands known as the San [...]

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Encouraged Oil Executives To Apply For Top Agency Jobs

By Zahra Hirji, Buzzfeed.com -

At Pruitt’s prompting, a ConocoPhillips official sent the EPA résumés of two people to be considered for regional directors of the agency. A month after starting as chief of the Environmental [...]

Crude Oil Leaks Into Floodwaters After Train Derails In Iowa

By Staff, Apnews.com -

DOON, Iowa (AP) — A freight train derailed in northwest Iowa on Friday, leaking crude oil from into flooded fields flanking the tracks and raising concerns about the possible contamination of [...]

Chevron Case – New Hearing In Canada

By Staff, Texacotoxico.net -

On the 17th and 18th of April it will take place a new hearing which will face the Ecuadorian people against the oil company Chevron in Canada. Guillermo Grefa, member of the Kichwa indigenous [...]

Inside The Tax Bill’s $25 Billion Oil Company Bonanza

By Antonia Juhasz, Psmag.com -

Last month, during a retreat in West Virginia, congressional Republicans set out their 2018 party goals. Their primary objective is to hold onto their majorities in the House of Representatives [...]