How Big Oil Blocked The Nation’s Greenest Governor On Climate Change

By Marianne Lavelle, -

It was Valentine's Day 2018, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee was about to be jilted. Few outside Inslee's circle of advisers knew that one of the nation's most ardent advocates of climate action [...]

The Citgo Conspiracy: Opposition Figures Accuse Guaidó Officials Of ‘Scam’ To Liquidate Venezuela’s Most Prized International Asset

By Anya Parampil, -

On August 13, Juan Guaidó, the president of Venezuela’s legally defunct National Assembly, held a press conference in the streets of Caracas to discuss his nominee for the post of Citgo Petroleum [...]

U.S. Seen As Climate Risk With Two-Thirds Of New Oil And Gas

By Alex Nussbaum, -

The U.S. will account for for almost two-thirds of the world’s new oil and natural gas output in the decade ahead, making it a critical obstacle to stopping climate pollution, a London-based [...]

The US Is Set To Drown The World In Oil

By Staff, -

Earlier this year, we crunched the numbers from the latest climate science and industry forecasts and found that we can’t afford to drill up any oil and gas from new fields anywhere in the world [...]

World Watching The Fate Of Iranian Tanker

By Vijay Prashad, -

At 11:30pm on Sunday, August 18, the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya-1 left the shores of Gibraltar at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. This ship had been detained about six weeks previous by [...]

Long Range Attack On Saudi Oil Field Ends War On Yemen

By Staff, -

Today Saudi Arabia finally lost the war on Yemen. It has no defenses against new weapons the Houthis in Yemen acquired. These weapons threaten the Saudis economic lifelines. This today was the [...]

China Ignores New US Sanctions And Increases Support For Venezuelan Oil

By Paul Dobson, Venezuelanalysis. -

Mérida – The Venezuelan government has announced the expansion of Chinese investment in the country’s oil industry, with the aim of increasing production by 120,000 barrels per day. The [...]

Lust For Profits, Not Love Of Democracy: The Real Reason Washington Wants Maduro Gone

By Stephen Gowans, -

In Inventing Reality: The Politics of the News Media, political scientist Michael Parenti wrote that, “Even when we don’t believe what the media say, we are still hearing or reading their [...]

100 Years: The Bank Of North Dakota Story (Part III)

By the Bank of North Dakota. -

Through the first hundred years of the Bank’s existence, a fascinating pattern developed. The Bank raised its profile and took significant risks to help North Dakota through difficult times, then [...]

How Many Coups (And Lives) Will It Take Before The US Surrenders In Venezuela?

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Venezuela used to be an "oil republic," which made oil executives from the United States and the wealthy class in Venezuela very rich. That lasted until the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998 when [...]

Bureau Of Land Mg’t Gives Big Oil Permits To Drill Chaco Canyon, Ignores Courts

By Carmen Gucwa, -

Last month, Indigenous and environmental activists won a crucial court victory against the Bureau of Land Management  after tirelessly waging a years-long fight for the preservation of Chaco [...]

How To Move Away From The Brink Of War With Iran

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The United States has been waging an economic war against Iran ever since the Iranian Revolution overthrew the US-backed brutal shah in 1979, but that war has escalated recently with the [...]

US Gov Narrative Blaming Iran For Oil Tanker Attacks Falls Apart In Hours

By Ben Norton, -

The Donald Trump administration’s evidence-less accusations against Iran have fallen apart within a matter of hours. But these US allegations did manage to disrupt an important meeting of Asian [...]

Oil Tanker Attacks In The Gulf Have US Fingerprints All Over Them

By Tommy Sheridan, -

It was the Spanish philosopher, poet and novelist, George Santayana (1863-1952), who warned us all: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Watching the unfolding US [...]

Swamp Creatures Appear Outside Hotel Where Western Governors Meet With Bernhardt

By Rae Ellen Bichell, -

Protesters dressed as swamp creatures kayaked down a river while others marched along a bike path, past private tennis courts and swanky swimming pools outside the hotel where governors met with [...]