The New Middle East That’s Coming

By Conn Hallinan,  -

The fallout from the September attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil facilities is continuing to reverberate throughout the Middle East, sidelining old enmities — sometimes for new ones — and [...]

Keystone Leaks 383,000 Gallons In North Dakota On The Same Day As Trump State Department’s Pipeline Hearing

By Marlee Kokotovic, -

The Keystone pipeline, that carries tar sands oil from Canada through seven states, leaked more than 383,000 gallons of oil according to North Dakota regulators. The company has promised the [...]

Trump Shifts From Ending “Forever Wars” To Sending Tanks Into Syria’s Oil Fields

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper Friday confirmed that Washington would leave military forces in Syria to maintain control of the country’s principal oil and gas fields. The Pentagon is [...]

Russian MoD: Washington Loots Syrian Oil And Transports It Outside Country

By Staff, -

Moscow, SANA- Russian Defense Ministry affirmed that what Washington does in Syria is a looting and burglary on a state level. Commenting on satellite images that were taken last September and [...]

Former Exxon Scientists Tell Congress of Oil Giant’s Climate Research Before Exxon Turned To Denial

By Marienne Lavelle, -

Telling their story before a Congressional committee for the first time, two former ExxonMobil scientists on Wednesday detailed how the oil giant turned its back on the research they did for the [...]

US Troops Are Staying In Syria To ‘Keep The Oil’ – And Have Already Killed Hundreds Over It

By Ben Norton, -

US President Donald Trump has reassured supporters that he is “bringing soldiers home” from the “endless” war in Syria. But that is simply not the case. While Trump has ordered a partial [...]

WSJ, NYT Celebrate ‘Shale Revolution’ For Investor Class, Despite Its Leading To Our Doom

By Joshua Cho, -

It’s not hard to figure out that corporate media represent the perspectives and interests of a small elite investor class of the US population, rather than its vast working class majority. Simply [...]

How Arts Workers Took On Big Oil

By Katherine Hearst, -

Seven and a half years ago, a group of arts workers, actors and campaigners jumped on stage before a BP-sponsored Royal Shakespeare Company production to do a guerrilla Shakespearean [...]

Ecuador Declares State Of Emergency As Fuel Protesters Battle Police

By Staff, -

QUITO (Reuters) - Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno declared a state of emergency on Thursday as protesters hurled stones and erected burning barricades after the end of decades-old fuel subsidies [...]

New US Oil Empire Built On Sand: Implications For The Economy & Foreign Policy

By F. William Engdahl, -

The idea of extracting oil or natural gas embedded in shale rocks has been known for years. However shale oil, or tight oil as it is known, first became economical with introduction of new [...]

Texas Charges Oil Port Protesters Under New Fossil Fuel Protection Law

BY Nicholas Kusnertz, -

A group of activists who shut down one of the nation's largest oil ports by hanging off a bridge over the Houston Ship Channel have been charged under a new Texas law that imposes harsh penalties [...]

How Big Oil Blocked The Nation’s Greenest Governor On Climate Change

By Marianne Lavelle, -

It was Valentine's Day 2018, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee was about to be jilted. Few outside Inslee's circle of advisers knew that one of the nation's most ardent advocates of climate action [...]

The Citgo Conspiracy: Opposition Figures Accuse Guaidó Officials Of ‘Scam’ To Liquidate Venezuela’s Most Prized International Asset

By Anya Parampil, -

On August 13, Juan Guaidó, the president of Venezuela’s legally defunct National Assembly, held a press conference in the streets of Caracas to discuss his nominee for the post of Citgo Petroleum [...]

U.S. Seen As Climate Risk With Two-Thirds Of New Oil And Gas

By Alex Nussbaum, -

The U.S. will account for for almost two-thirds of the world’s new oil and natural gas output in the decade ahead, making it a critical obstacle to stopping climate pollution, a London-based [...]

The US Is Set To Drown The World In Oil

By Staff, -

Earlier this year, we crunched the numbers from the latest climate science and industry forecasts and found that we can’t afford to drill up any oil and gas from new fields anywhere in the world [...]