Voters Say ‘Yes’ To City Run Broadband In Colorado

By Jon Brodkin, -

By Jon Brodkin for ARS Technica - Industry groups tried to convince voters to reject the municipal broadband network; the city's mayor called it a "misinformation" campaign by the broadband [...]

Who Will Save The World From Digital Colonialism?

By Staff, -

By Staff of Media Diversified - UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: strive to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in least developed countries by 2020. Internet for everyone, [...]

Digital Denied: Systemic Discrimination Keeps Communities Offline

By Dana Floberg, -

By Dana Floberg for Freepress - Internet access is a necessity for engaging in our communities, searching for employment and seeking out educational opportunities — but too many people are still [...]

FCC Chairman’s New Initiatives Will Restrict Access To Information

By Staff, -

By Staff of RSF - To ensure net neutrality, the US government must guarantee equal access to the Internet, regardless of which subscription people are using. If this principle is threatened, ISPs [...]

Publicly Funded Research Should Be Publicly Available

By Elliot Harmon, -

Today is the third day of Copyright Week, and today, we’re focusing on open access. As EFF put it in the Copyright Week principles: "The results of publicly funded research should be made [...]