Oregon Ecosystem Files Lawsuit To Defend Its Rights

By Dahr Jamail, www.truth-out.org -

By Dahr Jamail for Truthout - On July 24, the Siletz River Ecosystem (SRE) in Northwestern Oregon took legal action to protect itself. Becoming the third US ecosystem to do so, the SRE took this [...]

Salem Protesters Rally Against Pacific Connector Pipeline

By Lisa Balick, www.koin.com -

By Lisa Balick for KOIN 6 News - SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — Hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Oregon State Lands building Monday afternoon to demand Gov. Kate Brown stop a pipeline project for [...]

Rural Oregon Deserves Better Than The Bundys

By Jessica, www.telesurtv.net -

By Jessica for ROP - Many of us across Oregon are reeling after the acquittal of the Bundys and some of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers. How can seven people who orchestrated a [...]

Oregon Officials Want Hold On Oil Trains After Fiery Derailment

By Staff, www.AP.org -

By Staff of Associated Press - PORTLAND, Ore. — The fiery derailment of an oil train in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge has state transportation officials asking for a halt to the massive trains [...]

Oregon Oil Train Explosion Fuels Growing Opposition Movement

By Sarah Gilman, www.hcn.org -

By Sarah Gilman for High Country News - Tucked against the steep forests and cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge on Oregon’s northern border, the town of Mosier is a modest collection of wooden [...]

Oil Train Derails Near Mosier In Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

By Tony Hernandez, www.oregonlive.com -

By Tony Hernandez for The Oregonian - A multi-car oil train derailment Friday in the Columbia River Gorge near Mosier sent up a massive plume of black smoke and stoked long-standing fears about [...]

ACLU Condemns Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Activists

By Kit O'Connell, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Kit O'Connell for Mint Press News - PORTLAND, Oregon — An investigation of social media surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists shows a pattern of systemic racism and disregard for the [...]

LNG: Just Another Dirty Fossil Fuel

By Staff, http://www.nolngexports.org/ -

By Staff of No LNG Exports - Two LNG export proposals in Oregon pose major threats to our climate and thereby pose major threats to the future of these Portland Middle Schoolers. This cohort from [...]

Conflict With Environmentalists & Militia In Oregon

By Conrad Wilson and Amelia Templeton, www.opb.org -

By Conrad Wilson and Amelia Templeton for OBP - Candy Henderson is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. She said she’s still sore from a recent surgery that removed part of her breast [...]

Oregon Militia Highlights The Stealing Of Indigenous Lands

By Staff, wwwtelesurtv.net -

By Staff of Tele Sur - The armed militia occupation of Native land in Oregon reveals the living history of genocide and land theft against Native Americans. When Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, [...]

Understanding The Oregon Militia

By Les Zaitz for the Oregonian. Rep. Walden intended, he said, to quickly make points about grazing permits, the proposal for a 2.5 million acre national monument in Malheur County and other [...]

America’s History of Protest and Its Ironies

By Heather Ann Thompson, www.huffingtonpost.com -

By Heather Ann Thompson for The Huffington Post - When scores of ranchers donning cowboy hats and rifles began their occupation of a remote outpost in Oregon last Saturday, it was by no means the [...]

Organic Farmers Score Victory In ‘David And Goliath’ GMO Fight

By Nadia Prupis, www.commondreams.org -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - Jackson County, Oregon wins new protections against cultivation of genetically engineered crops. Organic farmers are racking up new victories in the fight [...]

How Media Transformed Right-Wing ‘Willing To Kill’ Extremists

By Staff, www.fair.org -

By Staff of FAIR - Of all extremist groups, the far right is consistently given the kindest news coverage in US corporate media. This weekend, the world witnessed a prime example of such friendly [...]

Breaking: Protesters Dangle From Bridge To Block Shell

By Stuart Tomlinson, www.oregonlive.com -

By Stuart Tomlinson for Oregon Live, Activists Protesting Oil Drilling Demonstrators took to the river in kayaks and hung from ropes off the St. Johns bridge to protest shell drilling for oil in [...]

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