Meet The Oregon Middle Schoolers Fighting For Net Neutrality

By Melanie Ehrenkranz, -

Luca, a 12-year-old student at Mt. Tabor Middle School in Portland, Oregon, first learned about net neutrality through an Instagram post. “Before it was repealed, I was just trying to tell people [...]

Protesters Disrupt Board Meeting, Demand Governor Oppose Jordan Cove LNG Project

By Southern Oregon Rising Tide, -

Salem, OR: On Tuesday morning activists with Southern Oregon Rising Tide disrupted the State Lands Board meeting, demanding Governor Brown take action to oppose the Jordan Cove Energy Project. A [...]

Oregon Ecosystem Files Lawsuit To Defend Its Rights

By Dahr Jamail, -

By Dahr Jamail for Truthout - On July 24, the Siletz River Ecosystem (SRE) in Northwestern Oregon took legal action to protect itself. Becoming the third US ecosystem to do so, the SRE took this [...]

Salem Protesters Rally Against Pacific Connector Pipeline

By Lisa Balick, -

By Lisa Balick for KOIN 6 News - SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — Hundreds of demonstrators marched to the Oregon State Lands building Monday afternoon to demand Gov. Kate Brown stop a pipeline project for [...]

Rural Oregon Deserves Better Than The Bundys

By Jessica, -

By Jessica for ROP - Many of us across Oregon are reeling after the acquittal of the Bundys and some of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers. How can seven people who orchestrated a [...]

Oregon Officials Want Hold On Oil Trains After Fiery Derailment

By Staff, -

By Staff of Associated Press - PORTLAND, Ore. — The fiery derailment of an oil train in Oregon's Columbia River Gorge has state transportation officials asking for a halt to the massive trains [...]

Oregon Oil Train Explosion Fuels Growing Opposition Movement

By Sarah Gilman, -

By Sarah Gilman for High Country News - Tucked against the steep forests and cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge on Oregon’s northern border, the town of Mosier is a modest collection of wooden [...]

Oil Train Derails Near Mosier In Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge

By Tony Hernandez, -

By Tony Hernandez for The Oregonian - A multi-car oil train derailment Friday in the Columbia River Gorge near Mosier sent up a massive plume of black smoke and stoked long-standing fears about [...]

ACLU Condemns Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Activists

By Kit O'Connell, -

By Kit O'Connell for Mint Press News - PORTLAND, Oregon — An investigation of social media surveillance of Black Lives Matter activists shows a pattern of systemic racism and disregard for the [...]

LNG: Just Another Dirty Fossil Fuel

By Staff, -

By Staff of No LNG Exports - Two LNG export proposals in Oregon pose major threats to our climate and thereby pose major threats to the future of these Portland Middle Schoolers. This cohort from [...]

Conflict With Environmentalists & Militia In Oregon

By Conrad Wilson and Amelia Templeton, -

By Conrad Wilson and Amelia Templeton for OBP - Candy Henderson is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. She said she’s still sore from a recent surgery that removed part of her breast [...]

Oregon Militia Highlights The Stealing Of Indigenous Lands

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - The armed militia occupation of Native land in Oregon reveals the living history of genocide and land theft against Native Americans. When Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, [...]

Understanding The Oregon Militia

By Les Zaitz for the Oregonian. Rep. Walden intended, he said, to quickly make points about grazing permits, the proposal for a 2.5 million acre national monument in Malheur County and other [...]

America’s History of Protest and Its Ironies

By Heather Ann Thompson, -

By Heather Ann Thompson for The Huffington Post - When scores of ranchers donning cowboy hats and rifles began their occupation of a remote outpost in Oregon last Saturday, it was by no means the [...]

Organic Farmers Score Victory In ‘David And Goliath’ GMO Fight

By Nadia Prupis, -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - Jackson County, Oregon wins new protections against cultivation of genetically engineered crops. Organic farmers are racking up new victories in the fight [...]

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