Does Shopping Ethically Really Make A Difference?

By Cullen Schwarz, Ecowatch. -

Ethical shopping is a somewhat new phenomenon. We're far more familiar with the "tried and tested" methods of doing good, like donating our money or time. But while Americans generously [...]

Train A Woman To Farm, And The Community Will Eat

By Rita Otu, Organic Without Boundaries. -

There is no shame in farming, there is only shame in biting the hand that feeds you. Farmers for a long time have been looked down upon and yet they are an essential group. Constantly working [...]

Regenerating The Human Story

By Tracy L. Barnett, -

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico — Like so many other children of Mexican farm families, Azucena Cabrera’s father moved to the city to earn a living, becoming an electrician and a plumber to support [...]

Europe Can Go Organic

By Staff, -

Europe could be farmed entirely through agroecological approaches such as organic and still feed a growing population, a new scientific paper released yesterday shows. Published a week [...]

New Study: Eating Organic Foods Reduces Your Risk Of Getting Cancer

By Alexandra Jacobo, -

According to a groundbreaking study published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine, an American Medical Association journal, eating organic foods that are free from pesticides is strongly [...]

Organic Farm Co-op: World’s Largest Will Use 100% Renewables

By Staff, -

By Staff of Co-operative News - Organic Valley is creating a solar partnership that is set to increase overall usage in Wisconsin by 15%, and will incorporate insect-friendly habitat. Organic [...]

Organic Farms Could Help Fight Climate Change

By Shaun Chavis, -

By Shaun Chavis for How Stuff Works - Agriculture is one of the more significant contributors to global warming. Nitrogen-based fertilizers and farm animals generate greenhouse gases, including [...]

New Study Shows Organic Farming Traps Carbon In Soil

By Lela Nargi, -

By Lela Nargi for Civil Eats - When it comes to mitigating the worst impacts of climate change, keeping excess carbon out of the atmosphere is the prime target for improving the health of our [...]

Dirty Dairy: Why Consumers Need To Force Ben And Jerry’s To Go Organic

By Ronnie Cummins, -

By Ronnie Cummins for Organic Consumers Association - The Vermont brand has been built on a bucolic image of cows grazing on endless pastures . . . Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and other Vermont [...]

Victory!! Pesticide Contamination Prohibited From Organic Production

By Staff, -

By Staff of Center for Food Safety - SAN FRANCISCO— Synthetic pesticides are once again prohibited in compost used for organic production, thanks to a federal court in the Northern District of [...]

Hawai‘i Provides Landmark Tax Credit For Organic Farmers

By Staff, -

By Staff of Center For Food Safety - Hawai‘i lawmakers hope to strengthen and expand the state’s organic farming sector after passing unprecedented legislation that would allocate $2 million in [...]

Monsanto Profits Drop 25% As Farmers, Individuals Go Organic

By Mike Barrett, -

By Mike Barrett for Global Research News - For Monsanto’s 2nd quarter, total sales for Monsanto dropped 13%; with one of Monsanto’s top-sellers, corn seeds, falling 11%. The biotech giant cites [...]

Denmark Is On Its Way To Becoming An Organic Country

By Lindsay Oberst, -

By Lindsay Oberst for Food Revolution - Imagine a organic country. Does this seem possible or realistic? In the United States, where only 1 percent of U.S. farmland is certified organic, this may [...]

South Minneapolis Creates Free Organic Market

By Staff, -

By Unicorn Riot. Minneapolis, MN - The project itself began as conversations over a backyard fire pit where people came up with the idea to teach people to grow food, and through that process [...]

USDA: Sales From Organic U.S. Farms Reached $5.5 Bln

By Tom Polansek, -

By Tom Polansek in Reuters - Sales from organic U.S. farms reached $5.5 billion last year, a 72 percent increase from 2008, the U.S. Agriculture Department said in a report on Thursday that [...]

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