After The Election: Agitate, Educate, Organize

By Dan Jones, -

By Dan Jones for Kairos Center - Below is an interview with Willie Baptist, our coordinator for Poverty Scholarship and Leadership Development. Willie is a veteran of 50 years of poor people’s [...]

Don’t Count On Elections: Organize Or Die

By Jean Allen and Frank Castro, -

By Jean Allen and Frank Castro for Medium. Voting is a limited expression of popular will, choosing which parties or candidates come into political office. In strict terms, it is nothing more or [...]

Extraordinary Ways To Use Tools Of Your Trade In Protest

By Nadine Bloch, -

Fifteen years ago this month, the French sheep farmer Jose Bové revved up his bulldozer and dismantled a McDonald’s. No matter how you slice it, this is one of the most memorable instances of a [...]

CISPA Is Back With A New Name: “CISA”

By Fight for the Future, -

CISA is the newest and latest version of a bill that would give the NSA even more powers CISA is an even more toxic bill than the original CISPA bill. CISA stays in line with the original [...]

Despite Crackdown, Palestinians Organize For Long-Term Peace

By Bethan Staton, -

Conflict has erupted in Israel and Palestine after the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teenagers early last week week, whom the Israelis say were kidnapped by Hamas. The Western media, [...]

Lawmakers Back Amendment Overturning Citizens United

By Mollie Reilly, -

California's state Senate voted Monday in favor of amending the U.S. Constitution to curb the influence of money in politics. Assembly Joint Resolution 1, first introduced by state Assemblyman [...]

Standing In The Pipeline’s Path

By RisingTide CoastSalishTerritories, -

Direct Action and The Unist'ot'en Camp We need to go beyond petitions, letters, and rallies to stop the government and corporations from destroying Indigenous land and exploiting communities [...]

The Battle For Healthy Food Escalates

By Ronnie Cummins, -

Defying repeated threats of a lawsuit from Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), on May 8, Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont, signed a historic bill requiring food [...]

What Next In The Campaign To Save The Internet?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

The next four months are going to determine the future of the Internet. Will it remain free and open with equal access to all? There are powerful corporate interests that want to profit even more [...]