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Organizing networks

White People’s Stake In Ending The White Republic

Wing describes this multiracial base: “We need to build the independent strength of the most determined racial, social, climate, and economic justice constituencies – those that understand that inequality, war, and environmental destruction are rooted in capitalism and that the corporate class is an unstable opponent of racism and authoritarianism.”

@HoodCommunist Twitter Ban Shows Why Offline Organizing Is Important

Erica Ryan, one of the members of the Hood Communist collective, says that the group’s suspension from Twitter shows just how important on-the-ground, in-person organizing really is. Ryan spoke to The Real News Network by phone on April 2, a few days after the suspension took place.  The Hood Communist website covers news, opinion, and theory. Although their contributors all also do other forms of movement work, they are all bound together by what they call Principles of Unity: African unity, anti-Imperialism, decolonization, self determination and right to self defense, anti-patriarchy, abolition, and no ‘dear white people articles.’ At the time it was suspended, @hoodcommunist had over 30,000 followers. 
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