Beyond Dallas And Orlando, A Global Arc Of Violence

By William C. Anderson, -

By William C. Anderson for Truthout - The United States will never be at peace with itself until it resolves the fact that it was birthed through injustice, exploitation and genocide. America, as [...]

America: The Land Of Terrorists And Massacres

By Marsha Cole, -

By Marsha Cole for Black Agenda Report - The updated 2016 ROOTS historical chronicle finally got it right. Africans have resisted European/American terrorism from the moment it reared its ugly [...]

#BlackLivesMatter Speaks Out On Orlando Killings

By Staff, -

By Staff of Black Lives Matter - Homegrown terror is the product of a long history of colonialism, including state and vigilante violence. It is the product of white supremacy and capitalism, [...]

Overnight Peace Vigil At NRA

By Rebecca Green, -

By Rebecca Green for Code Pink - This Monday, June 20, CODEPINK and a diverse coalition are organizing an overnight peace vigil in front of the NRA to honor the 49 people killed and 53 injured in [...]

LGBTQ Community Mourns Victims Of Orlando Shooting

By John Zangas and Anne Meador, -

By John Zangas and Anne Meador for DC Media Group - Washington, DC — Victims of the June 12 shooting at an Orlando, Fl., gay nightclub were remembered in two vigils in Washington, DC. Now [...]

Shady History Of Private Security Firm Omar Mateen Worked For

By Aviva Shen, -

By Aviva Shen for Think Progress - Omar Mateen’s employer, private security behemoth G4S, is taking a nosedive in the stock market after the 29-year-old suspect went on the deadliest shooting [...]

They’re Killing Us. Help Us Stop Them.

By Grace Dolan-Sandrino, -

By Grace Dolan-Sandrino for Other Worlds - From Orlando to Washington, a culture of fear and bigotry is taking hold of this country. We can stop it together. The weekend of June 12 sent me on a [...]

Given Orlando, Has U.S. Government Been Protecting Public?

By Ivan Eland, -

By Ivan Eland for The Huffington Post - The mass shooting in Orlando, Florida at a gay nightclub, by a man pledging a seemingly last-minute allegiance to the ISIS terror group, leads to questions [...]

Don’t Let Orlando Nightclub Terror Further Strangle Civil Liberties

By Chelsea E Manning, -

By Chelsea E Manning for The Guardian - This morning, I woke up in my cell to an even more shattered and fractured world. We are lost. We are devastated. We are bewildered. We are hurt. And we [...]