Oregon Workers Feared For Their Lives During Heat Wave

By Dave Jamieson, Huffington Post. -

As a record-breaking heat wave gripped Oregon in late June, a diner at a Red Robin burger joint sent an urgent message to the state’s OSHA office: Every worker in the restaurant appeared to be in [...]

Workers Tried To Blow The Whistle On COVID19 Hazards

By Dave Jamieson, Huff Post. -

As soon as the coronavirus pandemic began, workers across the country flooded federal and state offices with complaints that their employers weren’t protecting them from the health threat. The [...]

Over 44,000 Meatpackers Tested Positive For COVID19

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

According to a tracker maintained by the Food & Environment Reporting Network, more than 44,000 meatpackers have tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 200 have died from it.  Now, a new [...]

Workers Filed More Than 4,100 Complaints About Protective Gear

By Christina Jewett and Shefali Luthra and Melissa Bailey, Kaiser Health News. -

COVID-19 cases were climbing at Michigan’s McLaren Flint hospital. So Roger Liddell, 64, who procured supplies for the hospital, asked for an N95 respirator for his own protection, since his work [...]

Trump Relaxes OSHA Rules And Governors Block Unemployment Benefits For Meatpackers

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

Earlier this week, the Trump Administration issued an Executive Order to use the Defense Production Act to order meatpacking plants to remain open.  Now, Smithfields is already using Trump’s [...]

Nurses Protest At White House For Mass Production Of PPE For Health Care Workers

By National Nurses United. -

Registered Nurses held a protest in front of the White House on Tuesday, April 21 to call attention to the tens of thousands of health care workers nationwide who have become infected [...]

OSHA Leaves Out Millions Of Essential Workers In COVID-19 Workplace Safety Protections

By Michael Grabell, Bernice Yeung and Maryam Jameel, ProPublica. -

As news emerged that the novel coronavirus was infecting hundreds of workers in meatpacking plants, Gregoria Rivas began worrying that her chicken processing facility in North Carolina wasn’t [...]