Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds Should Be Fine

By Matt Bruenig, -

The Financial Times published an alarmist front-page story about Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds proposal over the weekend. The headline of the story is that “UK’s Labour would cost companies [...]

Northgate Apartments Celebrate 30 Years Of Resident Ownership, Affordability

By Courtney Kramer, -

Burlington, Vt - Vermont's largest affordable housing community marked a special milestone Saturday with a neighborhood-wide celebration. The Northgate Apartments in Burlington's New North End is [...]

After 3 Decades, Privatization Has Been Proven A Failure. Let’s Bury It For Good.

By Jeremy Mohler, -

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s suggestion to raise the top marginal tax rate to 70 percent has reignited a long overdue debate about taxation. The idea that lower taxes on corporations [...]

The Woman Aiming To Get 50 Million Americans Into The Worker-Owner Economy

By Fran Korten, -

For decades Marjorie Kelly has looked for ways that businesses can better contribute to the good of society. In 1987, after getting a master’s degree in journalism, she founded Business Ethics [...]

The Co-op Farming Model Might Help Save America’s Small Farms

By Annelise Jolley, -

Across the U.S.—from New England to California—a small but growing movement of farmers is foregoing traditional farm ownership in favor of a cooperative model. In Maine, four Somali Bantu [...]

Supermarket Chains Ignored This Black Community, So Residents Opened A Co-Op

By Eric Ginsburg, -

“This home had belonged to a white family,” said Graves, a Black woman who previously lived one county east. “I fell in love with the house, even though I missed Alamance County.” It was the [...]

Now Available: 2017 Workers To Owners Impact Report

By Staff, -

By Staff of Democracy At Work Institute - “The collaborative came together in 2016 to respond to a moment of generational opportunity. In the next 15 years, hundreds of thousands of businesses [...]

Democratic Ownership And The Pluralist Commonwealth

By Gar Alperovitz, -

By Gar Alperovitz for Truth Out - On September 19, 1977 -- a day remembered locally as "Black Monday" -- the corporate owners of the Campbell Works in Youngstown, Ohio, abruptly shuttered the [...]

Making Employee-Owned Enterprises Part Of The Income Inequality Solution

By Mary Ann Beyster, -

By Mary Ann Beyster for Democracy Collaborative - With income inequality in the United States at record high levels, employee ownership is increasingly being lauded as a potential solution to [...]

Workers Can Take Over Their Jobs And Become The Owners

By Anna-Catherine Brigida, -

By Anna-Catherine Brigida for PRI - After almost 20 years working at Buenos Aires restaurant Los Chanchitos, José Pereyra sensed an imminent bankruptcy. The quality of the food and service was [...]

Under-Used Tool For Addressing Roots Of Inequality: Inclusive Ownership

By Marjorie Kelly, -

By Marjorie Kelly for SSIR - It’s a sign of the times that the second-largest US foundation, the Ford Foundation, announced earlier this year that it was reorienting its entire portfolio of [...]

After Piketty, The Ownership Revolution

By Gar Alperovitz, -

Now that the first round of intellectual debris left in the wake of French economist Thomas Piketty’s explosive best-seller “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” has begun to settle, it may be [...]