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Group Wins Landmark Case Against Super PACs In Alaska

Today, in a historic ruling, the non-profit group Equal Citizens obtained a judicial ruling that, for the first time since Citizens United, could restore limits on donations to Super PACs and independent groups. The case was brought by a cross-partisan group of three Alaska citizens—Donna Patrick and Pat Lambert of Fairbanks, and James Barnett of Anchorage—who jointly challenged Alaska’s 2012 decision to abandon enforcement of strict limits on donations to independent political groups.

Dark Money — Coming From A Shell Company Near You

So-called “dark money” contributions come from a diverse cross-section of the American landscape. Suburbs, big cities and even small towns are home to corporations created primarily to conceal the true source of money flowing to super PACs that spend millions of dollars to influence elections. One dark money trail leads to Carter Lake, Iowa, population 3,785. Technically, the town is on the Nebraska side of the Missouri River in Omaha, and its horseshoe-shaped lake was once an oxbow bend of the river itself. Flooding changed the course of the river in 1897 leaving a two-mile square piece of Iowa forever marooned in Nebraska.

New Lawsuit Aims To Be ‘Death Of The Super PAC’

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - While most people point to Citizens United as the case that opened the door to big money in U.S. elections, the lesser-known 2010 appeals court ruling in v. FEC is perhaps just as blameworthy—one legal scholar says the decision "gave birth to the super PAC takeover of American politics." Now, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, congressional candidates, and campaign reform advocates is taking aim at that ruling, filing a lawsuit on Friday that they say "will provide the U.S. Supreme Court the opportunity to end the super PAC threat facing our democracy today."

Super PACs Lead Election Spending As White House Race Nears

By Michael Beckel for Aljazeera - The 2016 White House race is on its way to being the most expensive in history. Presidential candidates and the political groups supporting them combined to raise more than$837 million during 2015, driven by a massive influx of cash to big-money super PACs, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of new campaign finance filings. The new filings show that the campaigns of Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clintonand Bernie Sanders and Republican contenders Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio raised the most impressive sums in 2015.
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