Group Wins Landmark Case Against Super PACs In Alaska

By  Jacob Wolinsky, -

Today, in a historic ruling, the non-profit group Equal Citizens obtained a judicial ruling that, for the first time since Citizens United, could restore limits on donations to Super PACs and [...]

Dark Money — Coming From A Shell Company Near You

By Karl Evers-Hillstrom and Kietryn Zychal, -

So-called “dark money” contributions come from a diverse cross-section of the American landscape. Suburbs, big cities and even small towns are home to corporations created primarily to conceal [...]

New Lawsuit Aims To Be ‘Death Of The Super PAC’

By Deirdre Fulton, -

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - While most people point to Citizens United as the case that opened the door to big money in U.S. elections, the lesser-known 2010 appeals court ruling in [...]

Super PACs Lead Election Spending As White House Race Nears

By Michael Beckel, -

By Michael Beckel for Aljazeera - The 2016 White House race is on its way to being the most expensive in history. Presidential candidates and the political groups supporting them combined to [...]