The Western Alliance Is Falling Apart

By Peter Koenig, Information Clearinghouse. -

Ever since Imran Khan became the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan in August 2018, the winds have changed. While his predecessors, though generally leaning eastwards, have often wavered between the [...]

Kashmir: Not A Bilateral Issue

By Staff, -

By Staff of Barrow Press - The U.S. has recently shown its official stance on Kashmir again, by avoiding any appearance of taking sides on the conflict and restating that it is up to India and [...]

Pakistan: 38th Anniversary Of Afghanistan’s “Saur Revolution”

By Staff, -

By Staff of Baloch Student Organisation (Pajjar) - The meeting was led by comrades Bilawal Baloch and Auranzeb Baloch and presided over by the central organizer of BSO Zareef Rind. Meanwhile the [...]

Drone, Norwegian-Made Documentary

By Joanne Laurier, -

By Joanne Laurier for World Socialist Web Site - Drone, directed by Norwegian filmmaker Tonje Hessen Schei, about the illegal CIA drone program, has been screened at various documentary film [...]

Former CIA Station Officer To Face Charges Over Drone Strike

By Jon Boone, -

The former head of the CIA in Pakistan should be tried for murder and waging war against the country, a high court judge ruled on Tuesday. Criminal charges against Jonathan Banks, the former [...]

Report: 1.3 Million Lives Lost In US War On Terror

By Staff, -

The report, authored by members and colleagues of the German affiliate of the Nobel Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), is a comprehensive account of [...]

The Front Page Rule

By Kathy Kelly, -

After a week here in FMC Lexington Satellite camp, a federal prison in Kentucky, I started catching up on national and international news via back issues of USA Today available in the prison [...]

Pseudo-Revolutionary Threatens Democratic Gains In Pakistan

By Sean Nevins, -

For the past three weeks, Pakistan has been bending under the weight of its own Egypt-like crisis, with protesters camped out on the parliament’s doorstep demanding the resignation of Prime [...]

Pakistan: Protests Grow, Call On Government To Resign

By AP, -

Islamabad: Twin protests demanding the Pakistani government step down have wreaked havoc in the capital, Islamabad, where commuters must circumvent shipping containers and barbed wire to get to [...]

Breaking: Drone Activist Kareem Khan Released In Pakistan

By Staff, -

Mr Khan plans to go ahead with his trip to meet parliamentarians in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands later this week. Today he said: “When I was picked up I thought I would never see my [...]

Drone Protest Escalates Pakistan Party Names CIA Station Chief

By: Kevin Gosztola, -

A political party in Pakistan has named the CIA station chief in the country and accused the chief and CIA director John Brennan of murder for their role in a recent drone strike in Hangu, where [...]

Thousands Of Pakistanis Blockade NATO Over Drone Strikes

By Staff, -

Thousands of Pakistani activists led by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan on Saturday staged a protest against US drone strikes, threatening to block NATO supply routes if strikes continue. [...]