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Palestine Action

Palestine Action Scotland Occupies Roof Of Leonardo Arms Factory

Palestine Action Scotland have shut down the Edinburgh factory of Leonardo UK, occupying the roof of the site forcing its closure and preventing the operations of a company deeply complicit in the brutalisation and murder of Palestinians. At 5:00am this morning, four activists entered the site, despite the high security and double fence, and have begun dismantling the site – taking apart electronic equipment, air conditioning systems, windows, while covering premises in trademark red paint, symbolising the blood spilt with Leonardo weapons. The activists intend to maintain the occupation for as long as possible at the factory of Leonardo UK, 2 Crewe Road North, Edinburgh EH5 2XS, to cause maximum disruption against the company which supplies a range of military equipment and targeting systems for Israel’s occupation forces.

2022 Saw Palestine Action’s Rise And Elbit’s Demise

2022 started off with a bang, as January saw the publication of news of Elbit’s permanent closure of their Oldham factory. The victory came after an 18 month direct action battle waged against Elbit’s Ferranti factory in Oldham, which saw 36 arrests and millions of pounds of cumulative damage caused. Despite round-the-clock police patrols and massively heightened security, the efforts of Israel’s largest arms firm to protect their beloved weapons factory failed. The win embodied the power of direct action and community mobilisation – a major validation of Palestine Action’s strategy.  Next up, we took aim at their remaining sites. With momentum ripe following our first long-term victory, people across the country geared up to tear down Elbit factories and premises.

Palestine Action Breaks In And Smashes Weapons Factory In Wales

Activists from Palestine Action have broken in to Teledyne Technologies’ weapons plant in Presteigne, Wales. Climbing in through smashed windows, activists began to thoroughly dismantle the factory of the American-owned firm, forcing closure of a site used to supply military hardware to Israel. Activists have taken apart offices, broken computers, and have begun occupation of the roof to ensure that the factory remains inoperable. The group took over the Teledyne factory at 7.30am on Thursday morning, and vow to continue this action for as long as possible to stop the manufacture or shipment of Israel’s drone technologies and military gear. Teledyne Technologies, and its subsidiary E2V Technologies, hold weapons export licences for both Israel and India, where their surveillance and targeting systems are used in the repression and killing of Palestinian and Kashmiri civilians.

Palestine Action Smash Israeli Arms Firm’s Commercial Lawyers

Palestine Action marked a new target in the campaign to #ShutElbitDown recently, with covert activists targeting MLL Legal – the Swiss law firm responsible for providing commercial law services to Elbit Systems, Israel’s largest arms company. [1] At night, activists descended upon the firm’s London branch, brandishing hammers and paint.[2] The site windows were shattered and the building front drenched in paint, leaving the site inoperable and increasing pressure on the firm to terminate all ties with Elbit. MLL Legal describe Elbit Systems as one of their ‘key clients’ to whom they provide commercial law services (such as contracts and acquisitions), making possible the arms company’s operations. They are one amongst a number of companies who provide a variety of services to Elbit.

Palestine Action’s First Crown Court Trial Begun Today In London

Five activists are appearing in Southwark Crown Court from today onwards for a trial set to last between 5 and 7 days, charged with ‘conspiracy to commit criminal damage’ after taking action against Elbit’s headquarters at 77 Kingsway, Holborn, London. The five activists arrived by car, and sprayed the premises in red paint from buckets and repurposed fire exinguishers. The activists were joined by dozens of protestors, who brought banners bearing ‘Shut Elbit Down’ and ‘Stop Arming Israel’. The five were arrested alongside a journalist, and have waited over two years on bail before the trial commences. Elbit, whose UK operations include the manufacture of munitions, surveillance equipment, military hardware and drone technologies for Israel’s ‘defence’ forces, had their London headquarters met with consistent direct action from Palestine Action for over a year and a half, before finally abandoning the office around 6 months ago.

Palestine Action Occupy And Dismantle Thales Weapons Factory In Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland - Palestine Action Scotland have made their way back on the roof of weapons company Thales’ factory in Glasgow. A team of activists scaled the roof at dawn, and began causing severe damage to site facilities, forcing workers to evacuate the building. Their occupation is ongoing, rendering Thales’ conveyor belt of weapons inoperable. Thales is one of the world’s largest arms companies, producing military drones, armoured vehicles, missile systems and more. Amongst the assorted warfare-related hardware made by Thales, the Watchkeeper drone project stands out. The project seeks to further the policing and surveillance of captive populations belonging to the nations of Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. Watchkeeper UAVs have also been trialled over British waters by the UK Border Force, monitoring the flow of refugees seeking to enter Britain.

Palestine Action Activists Deface And Blockade London HQ Of Elbit Systems

On Tuesday, April 12, activists of Palestine Action in UK defaced the London headquarters of Israel’s largest military and arms company, Elbit Systems, whose weapons and surveillance technology has been systematically used against Palestinians in occupied territories. Four activists have been arrested after they halted the operations at this site using a body ‘lock-on.’

Palestine Action Raid And Dismantle An Israeli Arms Factory

Palestine Action have raided Elbit System’s subsidiary, UAV Engines Ltd, in Shenstone, Staffordshire at 7.15 this morning. The activists have sprayed blood-red paint and begun dismantling the weapons factory, whilst occupying the roof to prevent site operations. With windows smashed and equipment dismantled, the action draws parallels with Israel’s forced demolitions of Palestinian homes​​​, sounding the alarm on the ethnic cleansing Israel is currently enacting in Sheikh Jarrah, Palestine. Elbit Systems are Israel’s largest arms manufacturer and hold a significant presence in Britain. A key subsidiary, UAV Engines Ltd has been a target of Palestine Action since the group’s launch in July 2020, when activists shut the site five times in five months and caused millions of pounds of losses.
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