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Palestine solidarity movement

Students Launch Encampments In Solidarity With Gaza Across The US

Almost a week after Columbia students launched their Gaza Solidarity Encampment, students across the country have taken from their example and began encampments in public spaces in their own universities in solidarity with Palestine. In the early hours of the morning of April 22, students at New York University began an encampment on Gould Plaza, joining their New York City counterparts at the New School, which had launched an encampment the previous day. In the Greater Boston Area students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emerson College, and Tufts University set up encampments at their own universities.

German Police Shut Down Pro-Palestine Conference

On April 12, in another round of repression against Palestine solidarity organizers, German police shut down the Palestine Congress in Berlin, arresting several attendees and ordering delegates to leave immediately. German officials also prohibited scheduled speaker Ghassan Abu Sitta, Palestinian-British surgeon and the rector of Glasgow University, from even entering the country. The Congress aimed to raise awareness about Germany’s charges of complicity in Israeli genocide in the International Court of Justice, which have been raised by Nicaragua.

Al-Quds Day Mobilization Takes On New Importance Amid Israel’s Genocide

Around the world, mass mobilizations have already begun to mark International Al-Quds Day, an annual event in support of the Palestinian struggle which was declared by Iranian revolutionaries in 1979. Al-Quds Day is held on the last Friday of Ramadan. This year, as Israeli forces have been carrying out genocide on the Gaza Strip for the six month in a row, Al-Quds Day mobilizations are set to be the largest in decades. Even countries like the United States, where Al-Quds Day has not been widely commemorated, the growing Palestine solidarity movement will mobilize across the nation.
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