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Palestinian Resistance

Palestinian Forces Alliance Emphasize United Stance Against Israel, US

The Central Command of the Palestinian Forces Alliance held a meeting in Beirut, Lebanon, to discuss the developments of the Al-Aqsa Flood battle on its 82nd day. The meeting was attended by representatives from Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, the Popular Struggle Front, the Palestinian Liberation Front, the Vanguard for the Popular Liberation War – Lighting Forces and the Fatah Al-Intifada movement. The participants saluted our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and all of Palestine, sending greetings to the souls of the martyrs, the wounded, and the heroic prisoners who have been confronting the ongoing Zionist aggression for 82 days.

Watch The Mintpress News Documentary: Gaza Fights Back

Filmed during the attack and in the days following the ceasefire, the documentary tells the story of how Gaza’s armed resistance groups outwitted the vastly superior Israeli military and established their ability to intervene against Israeli ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods like Sheikh Jarrah and provocations at the al-Aqsa compound in occupied East Jerusalem. “The Palestinian military capabilities are not highly sophisticated and destructive, but it becomes so effective when it’s used by Palestinian smart youths who believe in their rights and freedom,” a masked al-Qassam commander says. The documentary features intimate interviews with survivors, many of whom lost family members in the Israeli bombardment.

Palestinian Resistance Launches Unprecedented Attack On Israel

In the early morning hours of Saturday, October 7, the Palestinian resistance in the besieged Gaza Strip launched an unprecedented surprise multi-prong attack on Israel, including firing a barrage of rockets toward Israeli territory while simultaneously carrying out a ground offensive into nearby Israeli towns which breached the Israeli Gaza barrier and overwhelmed surrounding Israeli military posts. As of 12:30 local time, it was reported that thousands of rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel and that Israeli air forces had targeted multiple areas across the Gaza Strip with airstrikes. Medical authorities in Gaza report that over 190 Palestinians had been killed and over 1,600 were injured so far.

Palestine Has No Choice But To Escalate Resistance In West Bank

Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Jamil Mezher, said in an interview with Al Mayadeen that the Palestinian factions have no choice but to escalate Resistance in the West Bank. Mezher made this comment after delegations of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the PFLP met in Beirut. Mezher said that the meeting was held in Beirut because “the Lebanese capital is an incubator of resistance.” “We are facing a grave danger threatening the Palestinian national cause,” he stressed, and added that “we must escalate the resistance to confront the occupation.”

The Collapse Of Israeli Pillars And Opportunities For Palestine

Israel’s legitimacy, in fact, its very viability, rests on two main pillars. First, the material pillar, which includes its military strength, high-tech capabilities, and a solid economic system. The above factors enable the state to build a strong network of alliances with countries that would like to benefit from what Israel has to offer: arms, securitization, spyware, high-tech knowledge, and modernized systems of agricultural production. In return, Israel does not just ask for money but also for support against its eroded international image. Second, the moral pillar. This aspect was particularly important in the early days of the Zionist project and statehood.

From Oslo To Unity: Reimagining Palestine Solidarity For The Future

It is a new era in Palestine. This new era is taking shape before our very eyes, through the blood, tears and sacrifices of a brave generation that is fighting on two fronts – against the Israeli military occupation, on the one hand, and collaborating Palestinians masquerading as a ‘leadership,’ on the other. But how do we, in Palestine solidarity communities around the world, respond to the changes underway, to the new language and to the actual unity – wihdat al-Sahat – which are reanimating the Palestinian body politic? First, I believe that we must insist on the centrality of the Palestinian voice to any solidarity action pertaining to Palestinian freedom anywhere.

Why Israel’s Gilboa Prison Break Has Palestinians Celebrating

Gilboa Prison, Palestine — It is said that Palestinians are the most incarcerated people in the world. Rarely does one find a Palestinian who has not been a victim of the Israeli prison system and when one does find one such person, he or she will have a sibling, parent or another close relative who serves or has served time in an Israeli prison. Opportunities for Palestinians to celebrate as a nation are few and far between. When the news broke of the escape of six high-profile Palestinian prisoners from one of Israel’s most secure prisons, it was a reason to celebrate. This was a reason not only for Palestinians to celebrate but indeed for all people who believe in justice and freedom. This escape, which Reuters described as a “Hollywood-style escape,” was a daring and courageous operation.
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