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Jury Finds Activist Not Guilty After They Dismantled Arconic

On Thursday 5th October 2023, a jury unanimously found an activist from Palestine Action, Sohail Sultan, not guilty of criminal damage against Arconic at the closing of a trial overseen by Judge S Ward at Wolverhampton Crown Court. They took 3 hours and 25 minutes to deliberate on whether the action taken which cost Arconic over £500K was done to protect property in Palestine and/or in necessity to save lives. The verdict comes after the activist occupied the roof for two days and dismantled the site on the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell fire, in solidarity with the victims of the fire and the Palestine people.

The Israeli ‘Coup’ And The Death Of False Democracy

From its very onset, Israel has constructed a brand for itself, a powerful gimmick that was predicated on two main pillars: democracy and stability. The main target audience for this brand has been powerful Western states that wielded disproportionate political, economic and military powers. These Western governments, along with their influential mainstream corporate media, did their part, by polishing Israel’s image – as most democratic and most stable – while tarnishing that of their Arab and Palestinian enemies – or anyone else who dared criticize Israel. It mattered little whether Israel was truly a beacon of democracy and stability, because these terms are often conjured up and used to conveniently fit the interest of those in power.

Israel Is Unifying Arabs And Muslims Around Palestine

By ordering a brutal attack against Palestinian worshipers inside Al-Aqsa Mosque on the 14th day of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knew very well that the Palestinians would retaliate. Netanyahu’s motive should be clear. He wanted to generate a distraction from the mass protests that have rocked Israel, starting in January, and divided Israeli society around ideological and political lines, in ways never witnessed before. Unwilling to relinquish his hard-earned achievement of finally winning a decisive election and forming an entirely rightwing coalition while fearing that major concessions to his political rivals could eventually dissolve his government, Netanyahu set his sights on the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

West Opposes Rest Of World In UN Votes For Fairer Economic System, Equality

Most countries on Earth voted at the United Nations General Assembly to support a call for a new international economic order that is based on sovereign equality and cooperation, that rejects unilateral sanctions and advocates for debt relief for the Global South. The only countries that opposed this widely popular proposal were the West and its allies. The United States and its proxies were also the lone votes against common-sensical resolutions promoting sustainable development, biological diversity, and basic civil rights for Palestinians. Almost the entire world supported these proposals. Washington showed itself to be a rogue state on the international stage, voting against practically every resolution, even on uncontroversial issues where the rest of the planet is in agreement.

Jerusalem’s Last Decade Of Revolt

Palestinians have led many uprisings in the history of the Zionist colonization of Palestine, from the 1936 Great Palestinian Revolt, to the First and Second intifadas, to the Unity Intifada of 2021. Yet these grand revolts are only significant in how they have encompassed all the other revolts that have preceded them. For the past ten years, I made my home in a small apartment in Shu’fat, just north of Jerusalem’s Old City, after having lived in Jerusalem for more than two decades. Shu’fat is one of only 18 small and heavily policed areas afforded to Palestinians in Jerusalem.       I can see the Al-Sahel (the meadow) area west of my balcony. Most of it remains empty, untainted by construction. Yet it is also a strange scene for a community that suffers from discriminatory restrictions in housing opportunities.

Miko Peled: ‘The Danger To Palestinians Has Never Been So Severe’

The recent elections by the Israeli State will likely bring to power what author and activist Miko Peled calls "the most openly fascist government" in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Peled wrote about Netanyahu, a known war criminal who was re-elected as Prime Minister, in Mintpress News. In this interview on Clearing the FOG, Peled explains why the danger to Palestinians has never been greater and why international action to end the occupation is critical. He discusses the rise of the far right, the escalation of violent attacks on Palestinians, retaliation against Palestinian journalists and activists, including the dire case of Issa Amro, and how Palestinian resistance is changing.

Gaza Death Toll Climbs To 43 Amid Ceasefire Reports

An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire is expected to go into effect at 11:30pm local time (20:30 GMT). Palestinian Islamic Jihad announced the ceasefire in a statement, adding that they have a right to “respond to any Zionist aggression.” Mondoweiss correspondent in Gaza Tareq Hajjaj reported that Israeli airstrikes were ongoing in the last hour leading up to the ceasefire. The Times of Israel reported that Israel agreed to the ceasefire, and that Egypt was working to ensure two of PIJ’s principal demands, including the release of Palestinian hunger-striking prisoner Khalil Awawdeh and recently detained PIJ leader Bassam al-Saadi. It remained unconfirmed if Israel had agreed to the PIJ demands.

The Nakba Is Happening Again

On May 15, Palestinians around the world mourn the Nakba, or “catastrophe” in Arabic. The Nakba traditionally refers to a dark period of our history in 1947 and 1948 when Zionist militias drove roughly three-quarters of a million Palestinians — including my grandparents — from their homes. The violence against Palestinians was characterized by disturbing accounts of massacre, psychological torture and sexual assault. Zionist settlers moved into the very houses that they drove Palestinians from, and they have not stopped displacing Palestinians since. The Nakba is ongoing, intentional ethnic cleansing: What we’re seeing in Gaza and Jerusalem this week is proof of it. The ongoing Nakba is evidenced by the fact that those 750,000 refugees from 1948 have become more than 7 million.

Prominent Muslim Group To Boycott White House Eid Celebration

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a prominent American Muslim organization, announced Saturday it will boycott the White House’s annual Eid celebration over the Biden administration’s stance on Israel amid spiking violence in the Gaza Strip. CAIR said it was joining with other groups in the boycott over the White House’s “incredibly disappointing and deeply disturbing” response to the violence. “We cannot in good conscience celebrate Eid with the Biden Administration while it literally aids, abets and justifies the Israeli apartheid government's indiscriminate bombing of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. President Biden has the political power and moral authority to stop these injustices.

Israel’s Pogroms In Jerusalem Could Spark The Destruction Of al-Aqsa

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to a close, it is becoming clear that the violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem has been ramped up in a coordinated effort by the Israeli government, the Jerusalem municipality, the Israeli police, and violent Zionist gangs. These latest events must be seen in the larger context of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in general, and of Jerusalem in particular. They should also be seen in the context of internal Israeli politics. Jerusalem is burning and Israeli politicians go on about their business of mud-slinging as if this was not their problem and not a single one thinks anything is wrong with the way the Israeli authorities are handling the situation.

Italian Dockers Refuse To Load Arms Shipment To Israel

This Friday the Asiatic Island arrived in the port of Livorno, Italy. Thanks to the report of the Autonomous Collective of Port Workers of Genoa and the WeaponWatch association, the port workers, organized in L’Unione Sindacale di Base, learned that the ship was filled with weapons and explosives bound for the Israeli dock of Ashdod. These weapons and explosives would be used to kill Palestinians, who have already been hit by a brutal Israeli military offensive that has murdered hundreds of victims, including many children. The union announced shortly after that it would not allow this or any other maritime shipments of armaments to set sail for Israel.  The dockworkers’ unions in Italy are trying to gather more information about the shipments coming to their ports in order to prevent military supplies from arriving in Israel.

Israel Is Killing Women And Children In Gaza

Women and children account for nearly half of the more than 120 Palestinians killed in Gaza since Monday, according to Al-Mezan, a human rights group in the territory. This contradicts Israel’s claims that it is targeting Hamas infrastructure and making great efforts to avoid harming civilians. The death toll will likely climb higher as bodies are recovered from the rubble of the buildings that were “destroyed over their residents’ heads,” the rights group stated on Friday. Al-Mezan and the London-based Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights said on Friday that like it did in 2014, Israel was targeting family homes, resulting in civilian casualties.

American And Palestinian Unionists Build International Solidarity

Abdel-Al — who lives in occupied East Jerusalem — is visiting Chicago this week at the invitation of the United Electrical Workers (UE), the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, and Jewish Voice for Peace to enlist the support of the U.S. labor movement in the Palestinian liberation struggle. He addressed standing-room-only audiences of rank-and-file unionists at last weekend’s Labor Notes conference and again on Tuesday night at the local UE Hall. A machine repair technician by trade, Abdel-Al has been a union activist for three decades. He tells In These Times that throughout their history, Palestinian trade unions have always waged a ​“two-part” battle. ​“We represent workers in the class struggle for socioeconomic rights, but also in the national, political struggle for freedom and independence,” he says...

Israel Doesn’t Have A ‘Right To Exist’

In 1991, Israeli and Palestinian representatives gathered in Madrid, Spain to restart a “peace process” they hoped, at least ostensibly, would lay the groundwork for a future “two-state solution.” Three decades later, as Israeli bombs rain down on Gaza, the creation of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza seems further from realization than ever. The idea of a two-state solution never made much sense. The West Bank and Gaza are geographically disconnected, and the Gaza Strip takes up all of 140.9 square miles. Under the terms of a future two-state deal, the residents of this tiny strip of land, densely packed with refugees from elsewhere in Israel/Palestine, wouldn’t be able to travel anywhere else in their country without venturing through the territory of a hostile military power that could deny such permission at any time.

Palestinians Undeterred As Israeli State Unleashes Devastation

Despite the recent escalation of attacks on Palestinian Muslims worshipping at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, tens of thousands of people attended prayers for Eid on Thursday, as the Palestinian Information Center reports: Occupied Jerusalem - Tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers on Thursday morning observed the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer and khutba (sermon) at the Aqsa Mosque and then rallied in its courtyards in support of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip. According to the Islamic Awqaf Administration, over 100,000 worshipers performed the Eid prayer at the Mosque. Palestinian citizens of all ages started flocking to the Mosque in the early morning hours to perform the Fajr and Eid prayers. Following the Fajr and Eid prayers, thousands of young people rallied in the Mosque’s courtyards and chanted slogans for the Palestinian resistance, Gaza, Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque.
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