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Israel’s Goal Of Expelling Palestinians From Gaza Is Closer To Reality

Once considered a fringe pipe dream, the once taboo idea of Israelis recolonizing portions of Gaza has been reinvigorated after Hamas’ October 7 attack and the subsequent Israeli war on the embattled Palestinian territory, which has killed more than 22,000 Palestinians, internally displaced more than 1.9 million, and reduced the majority of the Strip into rubble. Just as 2024 began, Israeli politicians renewed calls to recolonize Gaza, and recent remarks from Israeli lawmakers coupled with a new settler-colonist campaign suggest that Israeli annexation of the beleaguered Palestinian territory has been adopted as official government policy.

Greenwashing Of Biofuel Project Rejected By Civil Society Groups

A new case study by NGOs detailing the environmental and social harm that would cause the Omega Biofuel refinery being built in Paraguay by the Brazilian company ECB has garnered an inaccurate response from the company in the form of a press release issued on 2 April 2022. The organizations behind the report–Centro de Estudios Heñói, Stay Grounded, Biofuelwatch and Global Forest Coalition–assert that Grupo BSBIOS Paraguay/ECB ignored several requests for comment and is denying the facts and merely engaging in greenwashing, a common practice for these biofuels projects that seek to obscure their true harm to biodiversity and human rights.  The organizations mentioned in the undated press release by Grupo BSBIOS Paraguay/ECB (signed by Analítica Comunicaçao), object to the company’s false statements.

In Tree Plantations In Paraguay, Public Money Is Driving Private Profit

When researchers from a Paraguayan NGO called Heñoi went to find out what life was like around the industrial tree plantations that have been cropping up all over the countryside, one of the first signs that there was something off came when they pulled over, turned off their car, and were met with total silence. Instead of the hum of insects, birds, and other creatures, there was only quiet in the areas that had been consumed by eucalyptus plantations, with their straight rows of exotic species and daily applications of weed- and pest-killing chemicals. Instead of the raucous buzz of biodiversity, the researchers were surrounded by a sepulchral uniformity. As one local explained, “There is nothing, not even birds come down … not even a little bug. In other places where our native trees are, birds fly around happily; but not here: total silence.”

Youth Shut Down Luis Almagro’s Talk In Paraguay

Paraguay - Social and political organizations of Paraguay expressed their rejection of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, and at the same time expressed their solidarity with the people of Bolivia and the legitimate president of that country, Evo Morales. This Tuesday, Almagro, a Uruguayan national, planned to offer a talk on “Democracy and Development” at a private university in Asunción, however, social, political and student organizations threw the head of the inter-American organization from the academic venue, according to the collaborator from teleSUR in Paraguay, Osvaldo Zayas. In the expressions of repudiation there were shouts like "murderer!", "Almagro, your hands have blood!", "Coup!" And "Almagro fascist, you are the terrorist".

Paraguay Congress Set On Fire As Election Protests Turn Deadly

By Staff of BBC News - Paraguay congress set on fire as election protests turn deadly Protesters stormed and set fire to the Congress building in Asuncion. Demonstrators in Paraguay have set fire to the country's parliament during violent protests against a bill that would lift presidential term limits. One activist was killed by a blow to the head which the opposition blamed on a rubber bullet fired by police. Under the 1992 constitution, introduced after the dictatorship, a head of state may only serve a single five-year term. But sitting President Horacio Cartes is trying to remove the restriction and run for re-election.

Nailed To The Cross, Bus Drivers Demand Worker Rights

By Wendy Carrillo in The Intercept - In Paraguay, 14 people have crucified themselves and are partaking in a partial hunger-strike after 51 bus drivers were fired for forming a labor union. For the past 21 days, twelve men — all fired bus drivers — and two women — the wives of fired bus drivers — have nailed their hands to wooden crosses outside the offices of their employer. Three additional workers joined them 12 days ago and have clamped their mouths shut with long, rustic, curved nails to demonstrate how their bosses wants to keep them silent. Under a large tent, surrounded by religious artifacts and family members, all 17 of them have spent their days and nights mostly lying down, unable to move or eat solid foods.

The Pillaging Of Paraguay Photo Essay And Analysis

The major injustices toward the land and the people in Paraguay are large-scale genetically modified (GM) soy production by multinational corporations and deforestation due to unsustainable livestock production. The expansion of soybeans and cattle in Paraguay is based on the theft of peasant and aboriginal communities’ land holdings and ancestral lands. The key common characteristic underlying all large-scale rural production in Paraguay is that it is based on massive illegal land grabbing. Soybeans are produced on the fertile soils of eastern Paraguay, the best soils in the country.
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