Youth Shut Down Luis Almagro’s Talk In Paraguay

By Telesur. -

Paraguay - Social and political organizations of Paraguay expressed their rejection of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, and at the same time [...]

Paraguay Congress Set On Fire As Election Protests Turn Deadly

By Staff, -

By Staff of BBC News - Paraguay congress set on fire as election protests turn deadly Protesters stormed and set fire to the Congress building in Asuncion. Demonstrators in Paraguay have set fire [...]

Nailed To The Cross, Bus Drivers Demand Worker Rights

By Wendy Carrillo, -

By Wendy Carrillo in The Intercept - In Paraguay, 14 people have crucified themselves and are partaking in a partial hunger-strike after 51 bus drivers were fired for forming a labor [...]

The Pillaging Of Paraguay Photo Essay And Analysis

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The major injustices toward the land and the people in Paraguay are large-scale genetically modified (GM) soy production by multinational corporations and deforestation due to unsustainable [...]