No Pardons For Edward Snowden Or Julian Assange

By Kevin Gosztola, The Dissenter. -

Although several long shot campaigns were mounted, President Donald Trump did not pardon any whistleblowers who were indicted or prosecuted under the United States Espionage Act. He also declined [...]

Clemency For Lowly War Criminals, Free Passes For The Mighty

By Rebecca Gordon, -

Memorial Day has come and gone and President Trump did not issue his pardons after all. There was substantial evidence that he was planning to use the yearly moment honoring the country’s war [...]

Demonstrators Want Trump To Pardon Assange

By Connor Foarde, -

Mr. Zeese, co-director of the social justice group Popular Resistance, and about 15 fellow demonstrators braved the blazing sun and sticky humidity outside the White House on Tuesday morning, [...]

Happy 29th Birthday, Chelsea Manning

By Chase Strangio for Medium. Our greatest wish for Chelsea Manning on her birthday and every day is that she is pardoned and released from prison. Join us in wishing her a happy birthday by [...]

Obama Rejects Pardon For Snowden

By Jerry White, -

By Jerry White for WSWS - In an interview published Friday, President Barack Obama told Der Spiegeland German public broadcaster ARD that he would not pardon Edward Snowden before leaving office [...]

Obama Should Pardon All Leakers And Whistleblowers

By Peter Maass, -

By Peter Maass for The Intercept - But this story is not about the excellent reasons for thanking rather than locking up the two most famous whistleblowers of the post-9/11 era. Plenty of people [...]

Justice For Chelsea Manning And Edward Snowden

By Scott Tucker, -

By Scott Tucker for Popular Manning’s situation in prison is indeed urgent, we can expect the corporate state and career politicians to respond to such cases with miserly pardons [...]

Even Nixon Let Out More Prisoners Than Obama

By Meagan Day, -

By Meagan Day for Timeline. Throughout his tenure, President Obama’s hesitation to use his executive pardon power has left critics scratching their heads. He granted zero clemencies during the [...]