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Sadrists Occupy Iraqi Parliament

The political crisis escalated in Iraq as supporters of Muqtada Al-Sadr stormed the parliament and began an indefinite sit-in on Sunday, July 31. The protesters who are opposing the government formation efforts of Mohammed Shia al-Sudani claimed that consensus-based government formation and the sectarian quota of power sharing are the core reasons for inefficiency and widespread corruption in the country.

UK Moving Bill To Decriminalize War Crimes

Labour has sacked three junior shadow ministers who joined with Jeremy Corbyn and 14 other Socialist Campaign group MPs in breaking the party’s whip by voting against the second reading of a controversial armed forces bill. Sources close to the party’s leadership said that the three MPs were warned in advance that they could not remain in their posts as parliamentary private secretaries if they voted against the bill. Nadia Whittome, Beth Winter and Olivia Blake defied the whip, which called on Labour MPs to abstain on the overseas operations bill. The legislation aims to introduce a presumption against prosecution for British soldiers serving abroad.

Arrests In London As Thousands Protest Austerity

Thousands of anti-Tory protesters have taken to the streets to show their fury withthe most right-wing Queen's Speech in a generation. At least five were arrested as pockets of trouble flared in London today, where union leaders, students and left-wing MPs blocked streets and chanted slogans. Although most of the demonstration was peaceful, there were scuffles between police and some protesters. Some were knocked or held to the floor as tensions flared, with those around them shouting: "F*** the police". One crowd of protesters was seen blocking the part of a police van with its sirens on as they shouted: "You killed Mark Duggan." And a group mobbed UKIP's only MP Douglas Carswell calling him 'racist' and 'fascist' - an experience he said was 'terrifying'. He was led by a large group of officers to safety in a police van after the incident outside St James' Park tube station. He said it was "out of nowhere, a mob over 100 strong, and it got incredibly nasty. I mean this was a lynch mob on the streets of London.

Students Occupy Clegg’s Office While At Prime Minister’s Questions

Police broke up a student protest occupying Nick Clegg's constituency office today. Around 15 student activists from the Free University of Sheffield group piled into theLib Dem leader's office in Sheffield Hallam, wearing Nick Clegg masks. The protesters demanded the scrapping of university tuition fees, unfurling banners both inside and outside the office. One banner read "Nick Clegg betrayed us, we want revenge." Police were made aware of the protest shortly after 11.30am and arrived shortly after to break up the protest, but they say no arrests were made. According to Sheffield student newspaper Forge Press , one protester said: "This is retribution for Nick Clegg’s student betrayal. We want to inspire students to act on their ideals."
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