UK Moving Bill To Decriminalize War Crimes

By Dan Sabbagh and Heather Stewart, The Guardian. -

Labour has sacked three junior shadow ministers who joined with Jeremy Corbyn and 14 other Socialist Campaign group MPs in breaking the party’s whip by voting against the second reading of a [...]

Arrests In London As Thousands Protest Austerity

By Douglas Carswell, -

Thousands of anti-Tory protesters have taken to the streets to show their fury withthe most right-wing Queen's Speech in a generation. At least five were arrested as pockets of trouble flared [...]

Students Occupy Clegg’s Office While At Prime Minister’s Questions

By Mikey Smith, -

Police broke up a student protest occupying Nick Clegg's constituency office today. Around 15 student activists from the Free University of Sheffield group piled into theLib Dem leader's [...]