Imagining A New Democracy With Participatory Budgeting

By Maria Hadden, -

By Maria Hadden for New America - In 2007, I thought the City of Chicago and I had a pretty good relationship. In 2008, I woke up from the little bit of the “American Dream” I thought I could [...]

Participatory Budgeting Is Gaining Momentum In US. How Does It Work?

By Kristine Wong, -

By Kristine Wong for Truth Out - It's tax season in the US. With the deadline looming to pay Uncle Sam less than a month away, many are wondering -- or grumbling -- about how their tax dollars [...]

Portugal Announces World’s First Nationwide Participatory Budgeting Project

By Cat Johnson, -

By Cat Johnson for Shareable - Participatory budgeting is becoming increasingly popular, with more than 1,500 programs worldwide. The concept is simple: People submit ideas for what government [...]

Real Power: Reflections On Participatory Budgeting

By Eric Dirnbach, , -

By Eric Dirnbach for Public Seminar. Participatory Budgeting was first used for the municipal budget in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1989, and since then the PB movement has grown to over 3,000 [...]

How To Make City Budgets Racially Just

By Paulina Phelps, -

By Paulina Phelps for Yes Magazine. The amount of money spent on hiring sworn law enforcement officers to patrol public schools shot up nearly 40 percent between 1997 and 2009, despite the fact [...]

How Communities Are Using Direct Democracy To Shape City Budgets

By Brandon Jordan, -

By Brandon Jordan for Waging Nonviolence - A recent poll conducted by Gallup found that the percentage of Americans who trust the public in handling issues is at an all-time low. Reasons for this [...]

Baltimore: One Year After The Uprising

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Last April after the killing of Freddie Gray Baltimore experienced an uprising. It was not what was shown on television, which [...]

Participatory Governance, Of, By And For The People

By Ruth Needleman, -

By Ruth Needleman for Portside - Here in the states, we know what it means to see our democratic rights attacked. But do we have a vision of what an expansion of democracy and popular [...]

Newsletter: Economy Of The Future-Economic Democracy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance - This Labor Day weekend rather than looking at the history and current struggles of workers, we look to the future and imagine what [...]

Can Gov’t Budgets Become Democratic? Participatory Budgeting

By Laura Flanders, -

By Laura Flanders for Grit TV - Can budgets and even the federal reserve be brought under public control? One radical tool for grassroots democracy that is taking hold is Participatory Budgeting. [...]