Biggest US Coal Company Funded Dozens Of Groups Questioning Climate Change

By Suzanne Goldenberg and Helena Bengtsson, -

By Suzanne Goldenberg and Helena Bengtsson for The Guardian - Peabody Energy, America’s biggest coal mining company, has funded at least two dozen groups that cast doubt on man-made climate [...]

End Of Coal: Largest US Coal Producer Moving Toward Bankruptcy

By Jessica DiNapoli, -

By Jessica DiNapoli for Reuters - March 16 Peabody Energy Corp, the largest U.S. coal producer, may have to seek bankruptcy protection, the company said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday, [...]

St. Louis: Taking On The World’s Largest Coal Company

By Scott Parkin, -

There’s an insurrection afoot. And it’s in America’s heartlands no less. Bold and effective organizing against oil companies, natural gas companies and coal companies has started this [...]

Arrests At Peabody’s Annual Shareholder Meeting

By Students Against Peabody, -

"I am proud to stand with allies from Black Mesa and Rocky Branch against Peabody. Our campaign at WashU is not an isolated one; we stand together with communities all across the country to [...]

7 Students Arrested Protesting Peabody Coal

By Jeff Biggers, -

On the heels of an earlier arrest of a student at a growing divestment blockade at Harvard University, seven Washington University students were arrested today in St. Louis, as they sought to [...]

Wash U Sit-In Against Peabody Energy Reaches Moment Of Truth

By Jeff Biggers, -

In an emerging public relations nightmare for Washington University officials, the sit-in against Peabody Energy ties entered a historic third week, as students continued to press demands after a [...]

Wash U Sit-In Against Peabody Coal

By Jeff Biggers, -

Entering its second week, the inspiring Washington University sit-in against Peabody Energy has already gone beyond its goals to cut school ties with the St. Louis-based coal giant, and forced [...]

Peabody Coal Is The Eco-Terrorist, Not People Trying To Stop Them

By Mark Karlin, -

It is profoundly accurate that the sign behind arrested protesters Daniel Goering, 20, and Alice Fine, 19, read, "Fossil Fuels Are Killing Our Future." Let us be clear about this; that is not [...]

Two Jailed In Illinois To Stop Logging, Strip Mine Expansion

By James Anderson, -

Police arrested two activists at a blockade set up on Rocky Branch Road in Harrisburg, Illinois, early on March 28, 2014, to stop Peabody Energy from continuing logging operations as part of the [...]

Illinois Road Blockade Stops Peabody Loggers

By Jeff Biggers, -

Facing off with the world's largest coal company, which literally sank its first historic mine nearby in 1895, Rocky Branch farmers, residents and supporters fighting to protect their Shawnee [...]