Reportback On Spring Anti-War Actions

By Jeff Mackler, Socialist Action. -

Antiwar and social justice activists mobilized for the April 14 and 15 spring regional protests across the U.S. to demand an end to “U.S. Wars at Home and Abroad.” The broadly sponsored and [...]

From PyeongChang To Lasting Peace

By Hyun Lee, -

Sometimes, art can point to answers that the stuffy logic of policy wonks cannot. Those who have truly felt, even for a passing moment, the pain of seventy years of artificial national division, [...]

The Peace Movement Is As Vital As Ever

By Staff, -

By Staff of Morning Star - “I WANT to find out why we’ve been there for 17 years,” US President Donald Trump reportedly raged following news of more murder and mayhem in Afghanistan. “We aren’t [...]

15,000 At Glastonbury Set Record For Biggest Human Peace Sign

By Hannah Ellis-Petersen, -

By Hannah Ellis-Petersen for The Guardian - About 15,000 people gathered at Glastonbury’s monumental stone circle on Thursday to set a new record for making the world’s biggest human peace sign. [...]

Margaret Sarfehjooy, Prominent Minnesota Peace Activist, Remembered

By Sarah Martin, -

By Sarah Martin for Fight Back! News - Minneapolis, MN - Margaret Sarfehjooy, a tireless, fearless and greatly respected anti-war activist, died suddenly and unexpectedly on April 28. She was a [...]

To Prevent Or Stop Wars: What Can Peace Movements Do?

By René Wadlow, -

By René Wadlow for TRANSCEND Media Service - 1 May 2017 – Christine Schweitzer, the current chair of the War Resisters’ International and very involved with the Balkans Peace Team during the [...]

Where Is The Peace Movement When We Really Need It?

By Ethan Young, -

By Ethan Young for The Indypendent - We now live under a regime that sees catastrophic war moves as a handy distraction from its endless failures. The boundaries between the executive branch, [...]

Obituary: Minneapolis Pacifist Went To Prison Three Times Opposing War

By Randy Furst, -

By Randy Furst for the Star Tribune. In the early 1950s, during the onset of the Korean War, he and his brothers Joel, Paul and Sid refused to register for the draft and were convicted in federal [...]

The Peace Movement And Resistance In Dark Times

By Joseph Gerson, -

By Joseph Gerson for Truthout. Let me begin by celebrating the people across the country who didn't roll over and play dead when Donald Trump said he wanted to deport up to 3 million undocumented [...]

Trump Silver Lining: People Are Organizing

By Peter Bergel, -

By Peter Bergel for Peaceworker. Here’s a specific suggestion, recently offered by a friend: as Donald Trump follows his inauguration on January 20 with 100 days of revealing to us what his [...]

What Could Unite A Larger Peace Movement? Oh, This!

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - In a time of division and disagreement, when people who all agree on something important sometimes spend more time bickering with each other than [...]

Why Campaigns, Not Protests, Get The Goods

By George Lakey, -

By George Lakey for Waging Nonviolence. In order to build the kind of power that creates change you need a direct action campaign that harnesses a series of actions into an escalating sequence. [...]

Crises In Peace Movement? Need To Make Our Voices Heard

By Harry Targ, -

By Harry Targ for Diary of a Heartland Radical - I have been a member of a grassroots peace group for 25 years. We mobilized a teach-in and other activities against Gulf War One, had daily [...]

What A 21st-Century Peace Movement Looks Like

By Alice Slater, -

By By Alice Slater for The Nation - As President Obama flew to a NATO Summit meeting in Warsaw this weekend to plan and develop new ways for this rusty Cold War alliance to extend its reach and [...]

Peace Activist, Poet and Writer, Daniel Berrigan Dead At 94

Variety of Sources, -

From a variety of sources on the death of Daniel Berrigan: We are bereft. We are so sad. We are aching and wrung out. Our bodies are tired as Dan’s was—after a hip fracture, repeated infections, [...]

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