Harassment And Intimidation Of Colombian Peace Activists “Lazos de Dignidad”

By Staff, Afgj.org -

The Alliance for Global Justice is concerned about harassment and intimidation that is being experienced by Colombia’s legal collective Fundación Lazos de Dignidad (FLD – Links of Dignity [...]

What It Really Takes To Secure Peace In Afghanistan

By Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence. -

Kabul - Hossein, a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, (APV), which hosted my recent visit to Afghanistan, rolled up his sleeve to show me a still-healing three-inch wound. Thieves had broken [...]

World Peace Council Announces Actions Against NATO’s 70th Anniversary

By Staff, Wpc-in.org -

NATO, the biggest war machinery in human history is “celebrating” its 70th anniversary with a summit in Washington D.C., on 4th April 2019. The WPC opposed NATO from its founding days as the [...]

Interview: Fight For Promised Peace Dividend

By Ron Ridenour, Greanville Post. -

In 1992 with the collapse of the Soviet Union the citizens of the United States and the world were promised the arrival of a new era of peace and prosperity. The Cold War was over. Much of the [...]

Military Family Member Returns Freedom Medal to George W. Bush

By Popular Resistance. -

On November 11, 2018, the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, Stacy Bannerman of Military Family Speaks Out and author of "911 Homefront: How Families of Veterans are Wounded by War" attended the [...]

Four Arrested Blocking Military Drone Base

By Shirley Osgood and Toby Blomé, Popular Resistance. -

Beale Air Force Base, near Wheatland – Four demonstrators were arrested early Tuesday, Oct. 30, as they opposed the ongoing 17-year U.S. bombing campaign in Afghanistan and U.S. occupation of one [...]

The Anti-War Autumn Is Here

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

We have been referring to this fall as the Antiwar Autumn as there have been and will be many activities opposing war. This is a critical time to rebuild the peace movement because US foreign [...]

Mobilize To Oppose NATO, War And Racism

By United National Antiwar Coalition. -

April 4, 2019, will mark the 51st anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., the internationally revered leader in struggles against racism, poverty and war. And [...]

Peace Flotilla Responds To Blue Angels Airshow

By Toby Blomé, Popular Resistance. -

On October 7, the last day of this year's Annual Fleet Week, Bay Area CODEPINK collaborated with 3 local “sailors,” to create a powerful visual display of peace in contrast to the U.S. Military’s [...]

Peace Congress To End US Wars At Home And Abroad

By Popular Resistance. -

On November 10 in Washington, DC, there will be an historic gathering of groups and people to launch the Peace Congress to End US Wars at Home and Abroad. The Peace Congress will bring together [...]

Countdown To Women’s March On The Pentagon

By Cindy Sheehan, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox. -

Women’s March on the Pentagon (WMOP) is excited to announce we are ready and rarin’ to go for our long anticipated march and rally at ground-zero for US imperialism. "We envisioned this [...]

Radical Black Organization Calls For Shut Down Of U.S. Africa Command

By Black Alliance for Peace. -

October 1, 2018—The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) has launched U.S. Out of Africa!: Shut Down AFRICOM, a campaign designed to end the U.S. invasion and occupation of Africa. Today marks the [...]

Priorities Of The Time: Peace

By Graham Peebles, Grahampeebles.org -

For as long as anyone can remember violence and conflict have been part of daily life: humanity appears incapable of living peacefully together. There are the brutal cries of war, the vile acts [...]

How Grassroots Activists Made Peace With North Korea Possible

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, Wagingnonviolence.org -

The leaders of North and South Korea are meeting in Pyongyang this week to discuss the possibility of a peace treaty to end the decades-long conflict dividing the Korean Peninsula. This marks the [...]

Meet The Peacemakers

By Hazel Healy, Newint.org -

After 39 years of war in his home country, it perplexed artist Omaid Sharifi that all those held up as heroes in Afghanistan were men with guns. He had a different idea about who should be [...]