Mother’s Day Proclamation By Julia Ward Howe

By Jone Johnson Lewis, -

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe took on a new issue and a new cause. Distressed by her experience of the realities of war, determined that peace was one of the two most important causes of the world [...]

First Person Account Of Peace Activist Detained And Tortured At SF Airport

By Jerome Succor Abba, -

MANILA (MindaNews / 25 April) — Asalaamu Alaykum. Peace be upon you. I thank Allah SWT, the Almighty for giving me the strength and courage to survive the grueling 28 hours of torture. [...]

The Historic Korean Peace Declaration Was Made Possible By Social Movements, Not Trump

By Sarah Lazare, -

President Donald Trump—who has previously threatened the entire Korean peninsula with nuclear annihilation—now appears to be claiming credit for a historic step towards military de-escalation [...]

Historic Opportunity For Peace On Korean Peninsula

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG -

The meeting between President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Chairman Kim Jong Un of North Korea resulted in an agreement to end the Korean War and work toward unity. Their declaration was a [...]

A Most Hopeful Korean Summit With Little Chance Of Final Success

By Staff, -

Leaders of North and South Korea signed a treaty of reconciliation and nonaggression this morning, renouncing armed force against each other and saying that they would formally bring the Korean [...]

Korean Peninsula In Historic Peace Talks – Thanks To Activists, Not Trump

By Ben Norton, -

It's the Real News. I'm Ben Norton. After six decades of conflict, it looks like the war on the Korean peninsula may finally be coming to an end. Since the early 1950s, South and North Korea have [...]

Koreas Negotiating Peace Treaty & End To Demilitarized Zone

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

The 1950 to 1953 war between North and South Korea ended their hostilities with a truce and the creation of a demilitarized zone. Now the North and South Korea governments are preparing to [...]

The Two Koreas Talk: On The Path To Peace

By Staff, -

Following a two-day meeting with North Korean officials in Pyongyang, South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s special envoy returned to Seoul on March 6. The special envoy had dinner with North [...]

Great Spirit All My Relations Relay To The White House

By Community Peace Council of Santa Barbara, Popular Resistance. -

July 11, 2018 Great Spirit All My Relations Relay Marathon, Walk, and Caravan starts from the President Carter Center in Atlanta walking a mile the first day to the Martin Luther King Center and [...]

Spring Mobilization To End Wars

By United National Antiwar Coalition. -

With the recent escalation by the Trump administration of the wars in Afghanistan and Syria and threats to North Korea and Venezuela; huge increases in military spending and the threats of [...]

Latin American Resistance And US Imperialism

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

Latin America is described as the back yard of the United States. There is a long history of US intervention in Latin American countries and vibrant resistance both to the US and to vicious right [...]

Korean Americans Call For Peace Beyond Olympics

By Staff, -

Leo Chang — a scholar based in Amherst, Massachusetts, and a member of the Solidarity Committee for Democracy and Peace in Korea — hopes the inter-Korean cooperation will lead to peaceful [...]

Examining ‘Ten Myths About Israel’

By Allan C. Brownfeld, Mondoweiss. -

The Middle East remains a subject of increasing examination and debate.  The prospects for peace between Israelis and Palestinians seem to be receding.  Early in 2018, Israel’s ruling Likud Party [...]

The Kids The World Forgot

By Ken Hannaford-Ricardi, Voices for Creative Nonviolence. -

Every Friday morning, roughly 100 of these forgotten children sit in noisy - sometimes raucous - groups of seven to ten in a large, unheated classroom, discussing and brainstorming human rights - [...]

Peace Should Be Integral To The Women’s March

By Cindy Sheehan and Rick Sterling for CounterPunch. -

Above photo: From USA Today. NOTE: I agree with Cindy that Peace needs to be stated loudly and clearly as part of the Women’s March, but I have much greater concerns about the march. It was [...]