Protests Continue In France Against Pension Reform

By Staff, -

Representatives of the unions of teachers, doctors, lawyers and railway workers marched again Thursday in the streets of Paris, capital of  France, against the social policies and economic [...]

France At A Crossroads

By Richard Greeman, Popular Resistance -

The nationwide general strike in France, now entering its record seventh week, seems to be approaching its crisis point. Despite savage police repression, about a million people are in the [...]

French Unions Battle Macron In Make-Or-Break Pension Protest

By Tangi Salaün and Caroline Pailliez, -

Teargas swirled in Paris where riot police charged at demonstrators who hurled projectiles and lobbed insults in cat-and-mouse skirmishes as darkness fell. Some protesters dressed in black and [...]

Postcard From Paris

By James Graham, -

“For over two years we’ve been hearing about this pension reform! Two years of ‘consultations,’ which, cross our hearts, were to be full to the brim with transparency, intelligibility and [...]

France Records 391-Mile Traffic Jam As Public Transport Brought To Halt By Third Week Of Strikes Over Pension Changes

A traffic jam of 391 miles was recorded on the outskirts of Paris on Monday morning as fresh strikes over pension changes brought public transport to a standstill in France for a third week. [...]

France: Strikes Urging The Withdrawal Of The Pension ‘Reform’ Draft Law Continue

By Staff, -

This morning, 9 December, the record for traffic jams on the Île-de-France [1] road network was broken. The images of those 600-plus kilometres of roads blocked with traffic, and of travellers [...]

Thousands Of Retired Workers In Spain Demand ‘Decent Pensions’

By Staff, -

Thousands of retired people and supporters took over the streets in several cities in Spain on Saturday to demand “decent” pensions of at least 1,080 Euros a month, and yearly updates according, [...]

Brazil Paralyzed By Nationwide Strike Against Corruption & Impunity

By Glenn Greenwald, -

By Glenn Greenwald for the Intercept. It’s almost impossible to imagine a presidency imploding more completely and rapidly than the unelected one imposed by elites on the Brazilian population in [...]

Wall Street Firms Make Money From Teachers’ Pensions

BY David Sirota, Avi Asher-Schapiro And Andrew Pere, -

BY David Sirota, Avi Asher-Schapiro And Andrew Perez for IBT - When Massachusetts public school teachers pay into their pension fund each month, they may not realize where the money goes. Wall [...]

Protests Against ‘Colonial’ PROMESA Debt Plan Rock Puerto Rico

By Staff, -

By Staff for Telesur. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in San Juan Wednesday to block the first scheduled conference on the installation of a financial control board to remedy Puerto [...]

Retirees Win Round One

By Alexandra Bradbury, -

By Alexandra Bradbury for Labor Notes - Who could have predicted a year ago, as Congress-sanctioned pension cutsgathered momentum, that thousands of retired truckers self-organizing in diners and [...]

Teamsters Protest Slashing Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pensions

By Bruce Vail , -

By Bruce Vail for In These TImes - With a key deadline looming early next month, pension activists in the Teamsters union are turning up the heat to head off government action that will slash the [...]

Pensions In Trouble Across The Country

By Tyler Durden, -

By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge - After working 33 years, he’s facing a 55% cut to his pension benefits, a blow which he says will “cripple” his family and imperil the livelihood of his two [...]

Coal Country Trouble: Health Risks Of Retired Miners & Their Families

By Alec MacGillis, -

By Alec MacGillis for Pro Publica - John R. Leach worked for Peabody Energy Corp. in western Kentucky for 23 years. When he retired, he and his wife Rhonda relied on his pension and health [...]

Central States Pension Fund Cuts Pensions For Thousands

By David Moberg, -

By David Moberg for In These Times - For several months, many current and retired truck drivers have feared receiving a letter in the mail that could be “devastating,” in the words of Teamsters [...]

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