Disabled In A Capitalist Society

By Sheshu Babu, Countercurrents.org -

Since the major aim of capitalists is to see that maximum production can be extracted from labor, exploitation of workers becomes a key factor. Ordinary workers, thus, face constant harassment, [...]

Chicago Police Forced To Respect People With Disabilities

By Nissa Rhee, Chicagoreporter.com -

When Eric J. Wilkins was pulled over by the Chicago police in the spring of 2002, he was on edge. His older brother was sitting in prison at the time, a victim of Jon Burge-era police torture. [...]

Healthcare Advocates Block Chicago Streets Demanding Care

By Anne Scheetz, Popular Resistance -

Responding to Iashea Cross’s cry, “Are you ready to take action?,” on August 31 members of Chicago ADAPT and the Alliance for Community Services, and personal assistants from SEIU Healthcare [...]

People With Disabilities Rally For Utah To Improve At-Home Services

By Michael McFall, www.sltrib.com -

By Michael McFall in The St. Louis Tribune - Cathy Garber still gets emotional when she remembers how badly she wanted to leave her nursing home. Garber had just finished her master's degree [...]