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People’s Convention

People’s Convention In Philadelphia Builds Plans For Next Steps

By Staff for People's Revolution. Hundreds gathered in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 23rd, at The People’s Convention to kick off a week of people-powered grassroots alternatives to the 2016 DNC convention. The event included the ratification of a political platform, workshops, and a movement building World Cafe. It was held at the Arch Street Quaker Meeting House, at 320 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA. The day’s events ended with Green party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and former state senator Nina Turner giving impassioned speeches to attendees. Participants were encouraged to keep the spirit of democracy alive by engaging with the political process beyond the campaign. Stein and Turner showed the omnipartisan nature of the convention. Turner was one of Senator Bernie Sanders key surrogates. As she spoke to the crowd about the accomplishments of the Sanders campaign people applauded regularly. Turner said she was a proud Democrat and did not have any intention of leaving the party, uring Sanders supporters to work inside the party to change it. Stein, will be nominated by the Green Party at the August 4th to 7th Green Party presidential nominating convention in Houston, gave a rousing speech that covered a wide range of issues calling for the political revolution to be continued outside of the Democratic Party.
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