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Pa. Supreme Court Will Investigate Alleged Conflicts In DA Larry Krasner’s Handling Of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Appeals

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday said it would appoint a special master to investigate whether the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has a conflict in its continued handling of appeals in the case of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. The move follows a petition filed last year by the widow of slain Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner...

200,000 People Demand Congress Puts End To Mountaintop Removal

By Jeff Biggers in Ecowatch - Signaling a watershed shift in recognizing the national health crisis from cancer-linked strip mining in central Appalachia, more than 200,000 people have signed historic CREDO Action and Earthjustice petitions, calling on Congress to pass the Appalachian Communities Health Emergency Act (H.R. 912) and enact a moratorium on new mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR). With the Appalachian coal industry in a tailspin and the global banking community pulling out of mountaintop removal financing, the extraordinary show of support for the ACHE Act campaign effectively acknowledges that the only defenders of the cancer-linked radical strip mining operations are a handful of absentee coal companies, indicted coal baron Don Blankenship, and their fringe supporters in Congress.

Governor Jerry Brown Wants To Steal My Home

Due to the expansion of Medi-Cal under ObamaCare, my wife and I am now covered by that program. But because both of us are over 55, Jerry can steal our house after we die to cover Medi-Cal’s expense of paying for our healthcare. A 1993 law gives states the option to take back all the money spent by Medi-Cal for the healthcare of recipients over 55 by billing the estate after the recipient (and spouse) die. Because California is taking advantage of this option, Medi-Cal for older people is effectively a long term loan. SB 1124, a bill to fix the problem, has made its way through most of the legislature. If it passes, which is expected, Jerry has threatened to veto it to protect the state from the financial ruin of losing the $15 million it expects to collect by stealing the homes of other older Medi-Cal recipients who die over the next year. That $15 million is 1/100 of 1% of the state’s budget! At the end of this diary, I will ask you to contact Jerry Brown’s office and tell him to sign, not veto SB 1124. But first, a few important details. My wife and I signed up for Medi-Cal late last year with coverage to start on January 1 of this year. It was not until several months later that I read online that in California Medi-Cal is a long term loan program. Even if we remain healthy, the state will deduct the monthly fee for the managed care program that administers Medi-Cal. I even found a PDF of a brochure produced by the California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) that explained the details of how “estate recovery” works. I prefer legal theft to the Orwellian “estate recovery.”

The Defining Battle for Net Neutrality

The world needs a hero, and that hero is you. Our worldwide web is currently dangling above an alligator-filled moat, tied to the train tracks, strapped to a live bomb (tick-tock), and rapidly headed towards gory destruction at the end of a Comcast/Bell/ [insert-your-country's-biggest-telco-name-here]-branded conveyor belt. Time of death: 12:00am. Cause of death: Big Telecom, aggressive lobbying, money and power imbalances, and a misguided FCC net neutrality decision that ignores over 1.1 million comments and counting from everyday Internet users like you. You know how Facebook asked Page owners to pay up if they wanted their content to actually show up on people's news feeds? Without Net Neutrality, the entire Internet would be like that, for all content ever. Cable company f***ery, indeed. But it doesn’t have to turn out that way. The battle for Net Neutrality is ours to win. Reinforcements pour in every day. We've gained reprieves in the form of not one, but two deadline extensions – a sign that the FCC recognizes how important Net Neutrality is, and how many people care about it. This battle may be located in the United States, but make no mistake—its outcome will affect the entire world.

1.8 Million People Call For TPP To Be Made Public

A petition of more than 1.8 million people worldwide, calling for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be made public has been delivered to Australia’s Parliament this morning. Australian Parliamentarians and representatives from a range of Australian and international organisations, including, Avaaz and SumOfUs, have joined forces to call on the negotiating Governments to disclose the details of the TPP. The TPP is a highly secretive and expansive free trade agreement between the United States and twelve countries in the highly biodiverse Pacific Rim, including Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. To date, it has been negotiated in secret with no external input other than that of 600 corporate lobbyists. Leaked text reveals that the deal would empower corporations, including big oil, coal and gas companies, to directly sue governments in private and non-transparent trade tribunals over laws and policies that they allege reduce their profits.

Protesters Want Gates Foundation To Stop Investing In Private Prisons

want the Gates Foundation — whose co-chairman, Bill Gates, has been a steadfast supporter of immigration — to divert the $2.2 million that its trust invests in The GEO Group. The world’s largest operator of private prisons and detention centers, GEO runs 59 facilities across the country, including the 1,500-bed Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma. “This isn’t just a moral argument,” said William Winters, senior campaign adviser with the Latino advocacy group, which organized the protest. “If the Gates Foundation wants to have the effect in the world they say they want to have, then investing in private prisons is the antithesis of that.” Organizers said they staged the demonstration after getting no response to a letter they sent to Bill Gates a month ago. After the demonstration, a handful of protesters were invited inside, where they presented officials with nearly 11,000 signatures collected online.

Not in Our Town: Violent Threats Are Unacceptable

Southern Oregon gold miners with an alarming history of advocating for violence are distributing a “wanted” poster with a photo of local resident George Sexton that includes his home address and also targets his wife, Lesley Adams. The flyer was also posted on the Facebook page of an officer of the Galice Mining District. The post included comments indicating that at least one of the miners has visited the couples’ home while several other comments call for an “open season” on the family and threaten violent physical harm. You can help stand up to these bullies. Take the pledge to stand with George and Lesley against threats of violence. This petition will be sent to elected officials, mining associations and the media to show our solidarity with and support of those who are at risk because of their work protecting our public forests and clean water.
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