Pa. Supreme Court Will Investigate Alleged Conflicts In DA Larry Krasner’s Handling Of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Appeals

By Julie Shaw, -

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday said it would appoint a special master to investigate whether the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has a conflict in its continued handling of [...]

200,000 People Demand Congress Puts End To Mountaintop Removal

By Jeff Biggers, -

By Jeff Biggers in Ecowatch - Signaling a watershed shift in recognizing the national health crisis from cancer-linked strip mining in central Appalachia, more than 200,000 people have signed [...]

Governor Jerry Brown Wants To Steal My Home

By Chris Darling, -

Due to the expansion of Medi-Cal under ObamaCare, my wife and I am now covered by that program. But because both of us are over 55, Jerry can steal our house after we die to cover Medi-Cal’s [...]

The Defining Battle for Net Neutrality

By Eva Prkachin, -

The world needs a hero, and that hero is you. Our worldwide web is currently dangling above an alligator-filled moat, tied to the train tracks, strapped to a live bomb (tick-tock), and rapidly [...]

1.8 Million People Call For TPP To Be Made Public

By Fuseworks Media, -

A petition of more than 1.8 million people worldwide, calling for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be made public has been delivered to Australia’s Parliament this [...]

Protesters Want Gates Foundation To Stop Investing In Private Prisons

By Lornet Turnbull, / -

want the Gates Foundation — whose co-chairman, Bill Gates, has been a steadfast supporter of immigration — to divert the $2.2 million that its trust invests in The GEO Group. The world’s [...]

Not in Our Town: Violent Threats Are Unacceptable

By Staff, -

Southern Oregon gold miners with an alarming history of advocating for violence are distributing a “wanted” poster with a photo of local resident George Sexton that includes his home address and [...]