Anti-War Activist Proudly Pleads Guilty To ‘Disturbing’ US War Criminal General Petraeus

By Tom Burke, -

Judge Kim Schaefer asked the defendant if she had created a disturbance that day. Van Poolen proudly said, “Yes, I stood up and spoke in front of several hundred people, and I said, ‘General [...]

CUNY Wars: Petraeus, ROTC, Student Center Closing & Police Conflict

By Peter Rugh, -

The trouble started this semester when the school enlisted Petraeus, the disgraced ex-commander of U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and former CIA chief, to teach a class, “The Coming [...]

Petraeus Scared: Veterans Drive The General Out Of LA

By Mike Prysner, -

Petraeus was recently hired by the City University of New York as a lecturer, and by USC as a veterans’ advisor. Petraeus is a war criminal according to international law—from ordering and [...]

VIDEO: Acronym TV Weekly Resistance Report 008

By Denis Trainor, Jr, and AcronymTV, -

Stories covered in this episode of the Resistance Report: 1) NYPD Sucker Punches Protester Calling For CUNY To Drop Gen. David Petraeus, 2) Occupy Wall Street Celebrates 2nd Birthday, 3) [...]

David Petraeus’ Uncomfortable First Day At School

By Brian Jones, -

David Petraeus may be regretting taking a teaching position at the City University of New York system. A video recently posted to YouTube shows the former director of the CIA and retired Army [...]