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The Petrodollar In Freefall And A New Multipolar World Order

Join Lee Camp and Ben Norton in this captivating episode of Behind the Headlines as they delve into the changing world order, the rebellion of Latin America against Western hegemony, the ongoing proxy war in Ukraine, and the latest international political clashes. Norton, a seasoned journalist who founded Geopolitical Economy, a Nicaragua-based news website that covers international relations with a focus on Latin America, U.S. Empire, and political economy, brings a fresh perspective to the table. The conversation starts with the recent collapse of three U.S. banks and how Federal Reserve policies have fueled the class war that the wealthy elite is waging against the public.

China’s Iran-Saudi Peace Deal Is Big Blow To Petrodollar

China surprised the world on March 10, announcing that it had successfully sponsored peace talks between rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran. Four days of secret negotiations in Beijing led to a historic agreement in which the two West Asian nations normalized relations, following seven tense years without any official diplomatic ties. Iraq had previously hosted peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but these were sabotaged in January 2020 when US President Donald Trump ordered a drone strike to assassinate top Iranian official Qasem Soleimani, who had been involved in the negotiations.
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