Manila’s New Mayor Wants Solar Panels, Rainwater Collectors For City’s Schools

By Olivia Rosane, -

Manila's new mayor wants to turn the city's public schools into a living lesson in sustainability. Mayor Francisco "Isko" Moreno Domagoso unveiled a plan Tuesday to install solar panels and [...]

Filipino Muslim Rights Activist Denied Entry To US

By Jigger Jerusalem and Cagayan de Oro, -

A Filipino Muslim activist has been denied entry into the United States and is believed to be held at San Francisco International Airport, a human rights group in the Philippines reported. The [...]

Thousands Rally Against Duterte ‘Dictatorship’

By Manuel Mogato and Roli Ng, -

By Manuel Mogato and Roli Ng for Reuters. MANILA (Reuters) - Thousands of Filipinos rallied on Thursday to denounce Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte and warn of what they called an emerging [...]

Thousands Demand End To Killings In Duterte’s Drug War

By Staff, -

By Staff of Al Jazeera - Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of the Philippine capital of Manila to denounce President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, as they marked the death [...]

Filipinos Rally Outside NY Consulate, Condemn Duterte’s Martial Law

By Staff of Bayan, -

By Staff for Bayan. Filipinos from around New York and New Jersey are coming together on Monday, June 5th to condemn martial law and increasing U.S. counterinsurgency and intervention in the [...]

Anti-U.S. Protesters Demand Action After Violent Police Response

By Staff, -

By Staff of Associated Press - MANILA, Philippines -- Hundreds of Filipinos protesting Friday outside the presidential palace burned a mock U.S. flag and asked President Rodrigo Duterte to punish [...]

Former American Colony Takes Center Stage In South China Sea Dispute

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, -

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya for Mint Press News - SHANGHAI — (Analysis) The Permanent Court of Arbitration’s non-binding ruling on the territorial dispute between the People’s Republic of China [...]

The Killing Fields: Extrajudicial Killings In The Philippines

By Mark Ambay, -

By Mark Ambay for Truthout - When Philippine President Benigno Aquino III assumed power in 2010, he promised to stop extrajudicial killings in the country. Six years later, with his term ending, [...]

Flash Mob Protests US Military Base Return In Philippines

By Nina Macapinlac, -

By Nina Macapinlac for Bayan USA Northeast - NEW YORK – Filipinos and concerned allies held a flash mobilization on April 27 at Columbus Circle to condemn the return of U.S. military bases to the [...]

Philippine Bishops Warn Against US Military Facilities

By Mark Saludes, -

By Mark Saludes for UCA News - Several Catholic bishops have expressed opposition to the planned building of U.S. military facilities in five Philippine provinces in the coming months. "U.S. [...]

TPP Is A Tool For US Hegemony In The Asia Pacific

By Nina Macapinlac and Matt Smith, -

By Nina Macapinlac and Matt Smith for Philippine Solidarity. New Jersey - To announce its official launch, the New Jersey Philippine Solidarity Committee condemns to the utmost extent today’s [...]

Philippine People Under Attack From Washington And Own Government

By Vanessa Lucas and Azadeh Shahshahani, -

By Vanessa Lucas and Azadeh Shahshahani for FPIF - The Filipino people are under attack. The Lumad, for example — an indigenous group in the southern Philippines — are being forced to leave their [...]

Philippines: Funeral At The Climate Justice March

By Dakila Media, -

By Dakila Media. Quezon City, Philippines - Thousands of Filipinos marched for climate justice today, November 28, and converged at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. Broad groups of social [...]

Thousands Ride For Survival In Firefly Brigade

By Staff, -

By Staff of Dakila - Manila, Philippines — Thousands of cyclists gather for the 16th Tour of the Fireflies to promote bicycles as part of a long-term solution to traffic congestion, mass [...]

Tribunal Demonstrates US War Crimes In Philippines

By Bernadette Ellorin, -

By Bernadette Ellorin for International Peoples' Tribunal - In the first day of an International Peoples’ Tribunal in D.C. yesterday, victims and expert witnesses to torture, enforced [...]

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