US Expands Global Drone War To Philippines

By Jason Ditz, -

By Jason Ditz for Anti-War - Pentagon officials say a discussion is ongoing about the possibility of granting US forces in the Philippine authority to conduct airstrikes against the nation’s ISIS [...]

Duterte Says Children Killed In Philippines Drug War Are ‘Collateral Damage’

By Oliver Holmes, -

By Oliver Holmes for The Guardian - Rodrigo Duterte, the president of the Philippines, has referred to innocent people and children as “collateral damage” in his war on drugs because police use [...]

Philippines Factory Fire: 72 Workers Need Not Have Died

By Irene Pietropaoli, -

By Irene Pietropaoli in The Guardian - The factory was required to have a raft of permits from different bodies including a business permit from the local authority, a fire permit from the Bureau [...]

Filipino Human Rights Advocates Testify In Congress

By International People's Tribunal, -

Convened by the Ecumenical Advocacy Network of the Philippines (EANP), the briefing comes eight years after the 2007 US Senate hearing on the Philippines that led to a historic Senate decision to [...]

Former ‘Comfort Women’ Protest Philippines-Japan Military Ties

By Ronron Calunsod, -

By Ronron Calunsod in Japan Times - Victims of Japanese military wartime sex abuses in the Philippines and leftist groups protested in front of the Japanese Embassy in Manila last week to [...]

The U.S. Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics Into Crisis

By Walden Bello, -

Early in the morning of January 25, commandos belonging to the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police crept into the southern town of Mamasapano — a stronghold of the separatist [...]

Why Is Yeb Sano Not At The UN Climate Talks In Lima?

By Dakila Collective, -

Barring Yeb Sano in the Philippine Delegation at this crucial stage of the climate negotiations is injustice to developing nations like the Philippines that demand for climate justice and to the [...]

Philippine Activists Call For US To Leave After Civilian Killed By Marine

By Manuel Mogato and David Alexander, -

The United States will keep custody of a Marine suspected in the murder of a transgender Filipino he met in a bar, the head of the Philippine military said on Tuesday, and U.S. officials said a [...]