Scheer Intelligence: Even The ICC Can’t Rein In American Exceptionalism

By Robert Scheer, -

In early March, senior judges in the international criminal court ruled that an investigation into the actions the U.S., Afghan and Taliban military committed in 2003 could take place, [...]

Sheer Intelligence: Is California About To Execute An Innocent Man?

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Intelligence. -

Three hours and 42 minutes. That's how close Kevin Cooper came in 2004 to being murdered by the state, strapped down to a gurney and poisoned via lethal injection. He had been placed in what he [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Afghanistan War Turned Americans Into ‘Good Germans’

By Robert Scheer, -

Nearly 19 years into the Afghanistan War, it seems the U.S. might be finally ready to end the longest armed conflict in its history. The Trump administration announced in late February that a [...]

Open Markets: The Podcast Market Is Working And We Must Protect It

By Staff, -

Spotify yesterday announced plans to buy podcast producer and network Gimlet Media for $230 million as well as podcast recording startup Anchor, two of the most important platforms in the podcast [...]

Listen To Popular Resistance On Podcast!

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

Popular Resistance announced today that it is increasing its activities on radio and with podcasts.  Their long-time show, Clearing The FOG, which began on We Act Radio in Washington, DC, [...]