Scheer Intelligence: For Many Young People, Socialism Is As American As Apple Pie

By Robert Scheer, -

In the devastating aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, many young Americans who felt betrayed by capitalism were introduced to socialism by Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns. Meagan Day, [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Powerful Past, Present And Future Of Black Lives Matter

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Post. -

Black Lives Matter was founded in 2013 after the murder of Trayvon Martin highlighted the dangers Black children, women and men face daily because of the color of their skin. The grassroots [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Cynical Forces Behind America’s Forever Wars

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Post. -

American interventionism in the Middle East has resulted in two of the longest wars in U.S. history, and led to countless deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as widespread instability in the [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Larry Wilkerson

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

Powerful.  That’s how I’d describe today’s episode.  A deep dive into the mind of COL(R) Larry Wilkerson, his career as a U.S. Army officer to include combat in Vietnam, his close professional [...]

Scheer Intelligence: A Global Look At The Virus That Upended The World

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Post. -

Incendiary, often racist theories and news about the coronavirus seem to have spread around the world at nearly the same speed as the virus. Fortunately a new PBS NOVA documentary titled [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, legendary activist and author of An Indigenous People’s History of the United States, stopped by the podcast to discuss her journey to studying and writing about indigenous [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Big Banks Got The Sweetest Deal From The Covid-19 Bailouts

By Robert Scheer, Popular Resistance. -

It’s been over a decade since the 2008 banking meltdown, and yet many Americans are still living with the consequences of the financial crisis and the Obama administration’s decision to bailout [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Rebecca Gordon And American Nuremberg

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

Rebecca Gordon, a TomDispatch regular and author of American Nuremberg: The Officials Who Should Stand Trial for Post 9/11 War Crimes, stop by the podcast to discuss torture and moral injury in [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Robert ‘Bob’ Scheer Part II

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress On A Hill. -

Okay, let me answer a question that was raised before we got into this and some of the thoughts that Danny, connected with me, how do you get social change? And what is the role of electoral [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Coronavirus Proves Capitalism Has Always Been A Lie

By Robert Scheer, Scheer Post. -

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to cause mass death and upheaval around the world, there has been an unexpected side effect: it has unmasked capitalism. In the U.S., this unmasking can be [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Robert ‘Bob’ Scheer

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

All right, well, hey, listeners, we have another really solid interview today. And I guess we're kind of running the old TruthDig circuit right now. We had Chris Hedges last week, who some of you [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Governments Are Using Coronavirus To Usher In A New Era Of Mass Surveillance

By Robert Scheer, -

On this week’s installment of “Scheer Intelligence,” host Robert Scheer speaks with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Adam Schwartz. The civil rights lawyer, who spent two decades at the ACLU, [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Power And Pain Of Being Asian American During The Coronavirus Crisis

By Robert Scheer, -

The coronavirus has turned everyone’s lives upside down, but at the same time Covid-19 threatens us all, Asian Americans have been subjected to another dangerous epidemic: racism. Since news of [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Coronavirus Has Already Transformed America, For Better And For Worse

By Robert Scheer, KCRW. -

In a special edition of “Scheer Intelligence,” host Robert Scheer becomes the guest as filmmaker Stephen French asks for the journalist’s take on the coronavirus crisis. Speaking on the eve of [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Even The ICC Can’t Rein In American Exceptionalism

By Robert Scheer, -

In early March, senior judges in the international criminal court ruled that an investigation into the actions the U.S., Afghan and Taliban military committed in 2003 could take place, [...]

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