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Center For American Progress Another Arm Of Corporate Dems

One of the biggest challenge faced by those of us who want to create a mass movement to shift power and transform the nation are non-profit organizations that are linked to the Democratic Party. One of those groups, Center for American Progress, has been playing that role in Washington, DC now that they have disclosed who is funding their program it is evident that they are part of the big business week of corporate Democrats. Their funding comes from the same Wall Street and investor-class interests that funded President Obama's campaign and are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Now, their executive director, John Podesta, is moving to the White House, with the corporate media describing this as a shift to the left by Obama. Of course, it is not a shift to the left, it is the continued corporate domination of public policy. Like Obama, Podesta is a corporatist. They both respond to corporate power and put their profits ahead of the necessities of the people and the planet. At Popular Resistance we believe an essential ingredient to being a successful movement is to be independent of the two parties and the big business interests that control them. We are not going to end the rule of money, and shift power to the people so that the necessities of the people and protection of the planet come before profits if we are controlled by the interests who are corrupting the economy and government. John Podesta and the Campaign for American Progress have now made it clear they are part of the 1 percent who control the rest of us.
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