Trump, World War I And The Lessons Of Poetry

By Thomas Scott Tucker, -

In plain English: How sweet and honorable it is to die for one’s country: death pursues the man who flees, spares not the hamstrings or cowardly backs of battle-shy youths. Poets are all too [...]

Robert Bly: Film Tribute To A Radical

By Shepherd Bliss, -

By Shepherd Bliss for Popular Resistance. Poet Robert Bly, now 89 years old, is a radical, by which I mean he returns to the roots. Haydn Reiss has captured him in his new, moving film “Robert [...]

The LA Special: Peter Joseph, Matt Sedillo & Lil Haydn

By Eleanor Goldfied, -

By Eleanor Goldfied for - Yep, we have one helluva all star creative activist lineup for you this week! Starting off, we’ve got Peter Joseph, creator of the Zeitgeist Trilogy talking [...]

Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday: Creating A Nonviolent World

By Robert J. Burrowes, -

As we celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on October 2nd, the International Day of Nonviolence, we have the chance to reflect on our progress in creating a nonviolent world. Obviously, creating a [...]

Save The Internet. Calling All Poets!

By Staff, -

Right now the Federal Communications Commission is accepting comments from the public on its proposal for Net Neutrality. If passed, this proposal would allow corporations like Verizon and [...]

What’s the Story With Economic Inequality?

By Marcello Rollando, -

In the early hours of a new day, my thoughts are often filled with the crescendo and decrescendo of American life, like a freight train roaring toward me from some great distance before passing [...]