Republicans & Democrats Unite To Increase Police Power, People Call For Abolition

By Ricardo Levins Morales, -

Virtually unnoticed in the cacophony of the Trumpian news cycle, a bill to place more power in the hands of police slithered through the House of Representatives with overwhelming bipartisan [...]

Call To Disband Baltimore Police Department In Wake Of Abuses

By Lawrence Brown, Baltimore Beat. -

After the DOJ report, the Baltimore Police Department did not fundamentally change. They continued to have a “War Room” and were found to have engaged in secret aerial surveillance, facial [...]

Do We Need Police? That Question Is Not As Crazy As It Sounds

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

The first time someone offered up the suggestion to abolish police, I was shocked and confused. I’ve known for a long time that the prison industrial complex is poison, that predominantly black [...]

Envisioning The US Without Police Violence & Control

By Rashmee -

By Rashmee Kumar for the Intercept. Starting with the “original police force,” the London Metropolitan Police, Vitale provides a succinct historical framework to understand how police in the U.S. [...]

Police Unions, Police Officers, And Police Abolition

By Rosa Squillacote, -

By Rosa Squillacote for Portside - Abolition of the carceral state is a fundamental political goal for the Left today: specifically, abolishing the carceral state’s logic and institution. [...]

Tell Trump, And Democrats: We Demand Black Community Control Of The Police

By Glen Ford, -

By Glen Ford for Black Agenda Report - The cops at a Long Island, New York, pro-police event “laughed and cheered” when President Trump urged them to brutalize immigrant prisoners – “animals,” as [...]

UC Irvine Black Student Union Demands End To Campus Police

By Matt Coker for OC Weekly - According to an online petition, the Black Student Union at UC Irvine is demanding the abolition of the campus police department, calling contemporary police forces [...]