100+ More Boxes Discovered In The Mumia Abu-Jamal Case

By Noelle Hanrahan, Prison Radio -

A stunning turn of events has hope for Mumia’s freedom rising. Shortly after the discovery of six previously unreleased boxes (from Mumia’s original 1982 trial), the District Attorney has [...]

Breakthrough For Mumia Abu-Jamal And All Victims Of The Injustice System

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The case of Mumia Abu Jamal, who was framed with the murder of a police officer, has had some important breakthroughs in the last month including allowing him appeal rights and the finding of six [...]

How Advocates Convinced Police Chiefs To Dump Israel Junket

By Nora Barrows-Friedman, Electronic Intifada -

About two years ago, Jewish Voice for Peace launched the Deadly Exchange campaign which seeks to end ties between US police forces and Israel’s military-industrial complex. Activists [...]

What Border Security And Police Violence Have In Common

By Tanvi Misra, City Lab. -

The photo of Esequiel Hernández Jr. circulated in the media shows a typical high school sophomore in a white cowboy hat, with a smile that goes all the way to his eyes. It was from his yearbook [...]

NY Times Is Blind To Police Problems With White Supremacists

By Natasha Lennard, The Intercept -

The New York Times tells a story about law enforcement failing and struggling to deal with white supremacy. The elephant in the room, unmentioned by reporter Janet Reitman or any of the sources [...]

ACLU Sues San Francisco For Targeting African-Americans In Drug Arrests

By Phil Smith, Drug Reporter -

San Francisco's Tenderloin is a heavily populated, racially mixed neighborhood in the heart of one of America's iconic progressive cities. Yet when the San Francisco Police Department and the DEA [...]

During Gas Emergency, Mass. State Police Monitor Activist Groups

By Max Larkin, WBUR -

On Thursday evening, the Massachusetts State Police took to social media to share the extent of the gas emergency spreading across the Merrimack Valley. But in so doing, they also shared the [...]

The Other Side Of School Safety

By Rebecca Klein, HuffPost. -

Jalijah Jones, then a freshman at Kalamazoo Central High School in Michigan, remembers the punch of thousands of volts hitting his slight frame. At 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing 120 pounds, [...]

Baltimore’s Girls Are Being Pushed Out Of Schools

By Dr. Khalilah M. Harris, The Real News. -

As the new school year approaches, The Real News Network will continue to explore the intersections of equity, race, and access to opportunities for quality, safe, and supportive public school [...]

Liberals Go Mum On Israel’s Apartheid Law

By The Black Alliance for Peace. -

Did you notice? Liberals didn’t bother to condemn the new Israeli apartheid law. Nor did they say a word about that settler-colonial state’s recent attacks on Gaza. We must be clear racist [...]

Juneteenth: Still Fighting To End Jim Crow

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

This Juneteenth, there are actions around the militarization of police and community-based efforts to create security without the police. Eugene Puryear, who works with Stop Police Terror DC, [...]

Call To Disband Baltimore Police Department In Wake Of Abuses

By Lawrence Brown, Baltimore Beat. -

After the DOJ report, the Baltimore Police Department did not fundamentally change. They continued to have a “War Room” and were found to have engaged in secret aerial surveillance, facial [...]

White People Need To Stop Calling The Police On Black People For No Reason

By P.R. Lockhart, VOX -

People of color have long been subject to racial profiling in public, or private, spaces. If anything has changed, it’s that social media and the ubiquity of cellphone cameras have made it easier [...]

Police Urging Anti-Protest Bills in at Least 8 States Since Trump’s Election

By Simon Davis-Cohen and Sarah Lazare, In These Times -

Law enforcement is pressuring legislators to clamp down on protests—and specifically, on protests against police violence. “Cops are going to keep pursuing ways to keep themselves above the fray [...]

Banner Hang For Stephon Clark: One Month Anniversary

By Kristina Flores, Medium. -

Sacramento- On the one-month anniversary of Stephon Clark’s murder by Sacramento Police Department, concerned community members hung a 75 foot banner from Sacramento’s Tower Bridge reading “They [...]