Freedom Rider: Who Killed Erica Garner

By Margaret Kimberley, -

Erica Garner was only 27-years old when she died on December 30, 2017. She was the mother of two children, one of whom was eight years old and the other just four months old. Ms. Garner became [...]

Ben Crump To Represent Family Of Teen Injured During Troy Arrest

By Anna Beahm, -

Florida-based attorney Ben Crump, who has represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, will represent a teenager who was allegedly beaten by a Troy police officer during an [...]

Cops Killing Kids Has Got To Stop!

By Dave Lindorff, -

Six-year-old Kameron, who was shot in Bexar County outside San Antonio, Texas, wasn’t killed like Tamir Rice in Cleveland, who was mowed down by a police officer within seconds of his arrival on [...]

How Baltimore Prosecutors Pursued A Police Shooting Victim

By Brandon Soderberg, -

“Victory,” the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office tweeted in October after Keith Davis Jr. was found guilty of second-degree murder. Keith’s wife Kelly and members of the activist [...]

Former Police Officer Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison For Death Of Walter Scott

By Marina Fang, -

By Marina Fang for The Huffington Post - Slager, then an officer in North Charleston, South Carolina, shot Scott while Scott was running away from him. A bystander captured the death on cell [...]

Lawyers For Keith Davis Jr. File Motion For New Trial

By Brandon Soderberg Baynard Woods, -

By Brandon Soderberg Baynard Woods for Baltimore Beat - Lawyers for Keith Davis Jr., a man shot by Baltimore Police in 2015 and subsequently charged with and eventually convicted of the murder of [...]

Protesters Call For Charges Against Officer Who Killed Teen

By Staff, -

By Staff of Associated Press - HARTFORD, Conn. — Protesters on Monday called for criminal charges against a police officer who killed an unarmed 15-year-old boy and for the release of [...]

Haitian Police Massacre Teachers & Students Fighting For Education

By Staff of San Francisco Bay View - Oct. 17 – The Moise regime attacked demonstrations throughout the country marking the anniversary of Haiti’s first coup d’etat in 1806 and the assassination [...]

Eric Garner Videographer: Ramsey Orta Can’t Breathe

By Josmar Trujillo, -

By Josmar Trujillo for FAIR - The only one punished since Eric Garner's killing is the citizen-journalist who recorded it. When we went to a New York state prison to visit Ramsey Orta, the young [...]

The Empire Comes Home

By Danny Sjursen, -

By Danny Sjursen for The Huffington Post - It was 11 years ago next month: my first patrol of the war and we were still learning the ropes from the army unit we were replacing. Unit swaps are [...]

Man Convicted Of Murder In Case That Covers Police Shooting

By Baynard Woods, -

By Baynard Woods for The Real News Network - A Baltimore jury convicted Keith Davis Jr. for the murder of Kevin Jones on Tuesday evening, after only a couple hours of deliberation in a case full [...]

City Of St. Louis Feeling Effects Of Ongoing Protests

By Panda Monium, -

By Panda Monium for Rebz.TV - After 19 days of protesting, it seems that finally the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is starting to see the light. It’s really expensive to pay these [...]

Mass Arrests In St. Louis As Police Brutality Protests Continue

By Rafi Schwartz, -

By Rafi Schwartz for Splinter - Police in St. Louis conducted mass arrests on Tuesday night after a group of activists blocked traffic on a city highway in the latest protest against former [...]

‘No Justice, No Profits’ Protests Target Concerts, Businesses

By Staff, -

By Staff of St. Louis Post-Dispatch - The concert got underway as scheduled and once the first song, "My Life," drowned out the protesters' chants, many of them headed back toward Kiener Plaza. [...]

Why A Team Of 8-Year-Old Football Players Decided To Kneel For National Anthem

By Tyler Tynes, -

By Tyler Tynes for SB Nation - A group of youth football players in Cahokia, Ill., decided as a team to kneel to protest racial injustice in America, mirroring Colin Kaepernick’s original stand [...]