Two DC Officers Indicted For Murder Of Karon Hylton-Brown

By Black Lives Matter DC, Popular Resistance. -

Washington, DC – After months of fighting for justice in the police murder of Karon Hylton-Brown, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C. announced the indictment of Terence Sutton for second-degree [...]

36 Years Ago, Police Firebombed A Neighborhood In Philly

By John Vibes, The Freethought Project. -

Since the beginning of time, there has been a constant struggle between people who want to be free and those who seek to control them. It is an unending war that that rages just beneath the [...]

An Environment Of Anti-Racism Is How We Win

By Janelle Lapointe, National Observer. -

Canada - Spring has always been a time of renewal and hope. I’m filled with a sense of wonder and possibility as I watch new life sprout from the soil and cherry blossoms bloom along [...]

AFL-CIO’s Report Shows Commitment To Defending Police Unions

By Hamilton Nolan. In These Times. -

On July 2020, a month after protests over racial injustice and police violence set the AFL-CIO headquarters on fire, America’s largest union coalition formed a ​“Task Force on Racial Justice” as [...]

Police Killing Black Americans Amounts To Crimes Against Humanity

By Ed Pilkington, The Guardian. -

The systematic killing and maiming of unarmed African Americans by police amount to crimes against humanity that should be investigated and prosecuted under international law, an inquiry into US [...]

What Police Impunity Looks Like

By Eric Umansky, Black Agenda Report. -

We already know the case of former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd is an anomaly. Officers who kill civilians are rarely prosecuted, let alone convicted  — many [...]

Scheer Intelligence: ‘When We Fight, We Win’

By Robert Scheer, -

As the world  awaited the fate of  Derek Chauvin–the Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of killing George Floyd–Black Lives Matter co-founder Melina Abdullah joined Robert Scheer on [...]

Ohio Students Sit-in To Demand University Cut Ties With Police

By Graeme Massie, The Independent. -

Students at Ohio State staged a sit-in protest and demanded that the university cut ties with Columbus Police in the wake of the killing of Ma’Khia Bryant. The protest took place one day after [...]

Guilty! People’s Uprising Wins Justice For George Floyd

By Liberation News. -

One thing is unambiguously clear: Derek Chauvin being found guilty is the result of a historic popular uprising. Chauvin’s brutal murder of George Floyd ignited a massive resistance from [...]

After Daunte Wright’s Death, Pressure To Get Police Out Of Traffic Enforcement

By Joshua Vaughn, The Appeal. -

After she heard that police had killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop outside of Minneapolis, Eilanne Farhat said she first reacted with “deep exhaustion, heartbreak, and sadness.” Then [...]

Murder Of Daunte Wright Ruined Derek Chauvin Show Trial

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

The fix was in. The U.S. state was determined to demonstrate to the world that its system was able to render “justice” to its captive African/Black population. So, unlike in the handful of [...]

Union Members Expel National Guard From St Paul Minnesota Labor Center

By We Do The Work, Popular Resistance. -

Following several union meetings on Wednesday night, I was made aware that a National Guard unit was occupying the St. Paul Labor Center in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Other union members and I [...]

Another Man Of Color Was Murdered By Police Outside Of Minneapolis

By Left Voice. -

(April 11, 2021) - This afternoon, Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer and then left lying in the streets for hours in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis. Wright, age 20, was in [...]

The Right To Protest Wasn’t Given – It Was Won

By Apsana Begum, Tribune Magazine. -

United Kingdom - Over the last few weeks, the brutal policing of protests in Bristol has been profoundly disturbing. The right to peaceful assembly and protest are fundamental principles of any [...]

Reforming An Uprising, But Not The Police

By Adnan Ahmed, Cliff Willmeng, Theresa Berrell Stets and Merrily Mazza, Left Voice. -

As the Derek Chauvin trial continues, Minneapolis residents witness the militarization of their city. Fearful of another uprising, terrified lawmakers have erected barricades and razor wire [...]