How Durham, NC Became The First U.S. City To Ban Police Exchanges With Israel

By Zaina Alsous and Sammy Hanf, -

Durham, North Carolina became the first city in the country to ban local police exchanges with Israel on April 16, when the city council unanimously passed a resolution opposing any international [...]

Body-Cam Giant Snaps Up Its Biggest Rival To Create Near-Monopoly

By Cyrus Farivar, -

Axon, the company formerly known as Taser, has acquired its largest rival, VieVu—setting up a near-monopoly in the market for body-worn cameras. While Axon already has contracts with most large [...]

Georgia Police Used Fake News From Militia To Plan For Nazi Rally, Emails Show

By Staff, -

Newnan, GA – Emails obtained by Unicorn Riot through a public records request to the Coweta County Sheriff suggest that law enforcement relied on false ‘alt-right’ posts in their planning for an [...]

Austin Police Cadets Expose Training To View Public As Cockroaches

By Staff, -

Several cadets have quit and exposed the Austin police department in Texas for training cops to think of the public as cockroaches they are at war with.  Rather than training cops to protect and [...]

US City’s Ban On Police Training In Israel Builds Momentum Against Racist Violence

By Ben Norton, -

It's The Real News. I'm Ben Norton. The City Council in Durham, North Carolina made history this month when it voted unanimously to prohibit police exchanges with Israel. Thousands of police [...]

Pittsburgh Police Prepare For Possible Riots If Trump Fires Mueller

By Edward Helmore, -

Pittsburgh police have issued a memo to department detectives to prepare for possible protests should President Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller.  The memo, issued by Victor Joseph, [...]

Ex-President Lula Defies Deadline To Surrender To Brazil Police

By Staff, -

Brazil's embattled former President Luiz Inacio 'Lula' da Silva has defied a court order to turn himself into Curitiba police by 5 p.m. local time today to commence his 12-year jail sentence [...]

Victory Over Military Cop Convention

By Ann Garrison, -

Militarization of the police intensified after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was folded into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on March 1, 2003, just a year and a half [...]

Black Parkland Students Air Concerns About Campus Police

By ​Emily Wells, -

As Truthdig columnist Sonali Kolhatkar points out in her column this week, black Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by firearms than those who are white, and they are [...]

‘No Cop Academy’: Activists Stage Day-Long Demonstration Against Police Academy To Be Built In Chicago

By Aaron Cynic and Elizabeth King, -

The protest was the latest in a series of actions organized by a coalition of more than 50 community groups dubbed “No Cop Academy.” Youth of color in Chicago staged a day-long demonstration at [...]

A Deep State Darling And A Real Alternative To Police

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

March is Women's History Month – and while it's always a good idea to recognize the powerful role of women in the fight for justice, not all women who have power wield it well – or deserve our [...]

Disarm Cops First. Reflections On Narratives Of Exceptional And Systematic Violence After Parkland Shootings

By Staff, -

On February 18th, 2018, A nineteen year old white man entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with his rifle, and murdered 17 people. He was later arrested peacefully by police. The [...]

Freedom Rider: Why The Shooting Will Continue

By Margaret Kimberley, -

Apparently there is nothing worse in America than the act of shooting white people. Ever since the latest attack at a Florida high school there has been talk of little else. The school shooting [...]

Durham Activists Want City To Become First In U.S. To Condemn Exchanges Between Local Cops And Israeli Security Forces

By Sammy Hanf, -

Durham’s last two police chiefs have participated in these exchanges. Former DPD chief Jose Lopez attended a national counterterrorism training program in Israel through the Anti-Defamation [...]

Do We Need Police? That Question Is Not As Crazy As It Sounds

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

The first time someone offered up the suggestion to abolish police, I was shocked and confused. I’ve known for a long time that the prison industrial complex is poison, that predominantly black [...]