After Daunte Wright’s Death, Pressure To Get Police Out Of Traffic Enforcement

By Joshua Vaughn, The Appeal. -

After she heard that police had killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop outside of Minneapolis, Eilanne Farhat said she first reacted with “deep exhaustion, heartbreak, and sadness.” Then [...]

On Contact: Police Reform

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to writer, academic and activist Philip McHarris about the latest calls for police reform in the US. McHarris says the entire system of policing has to [...]

Community Peacemakers Offer A Proven Alternative To Policing

By Loretta Graceffo, Waging Nonviolence. -

Imagine a world where after being accused of using a counterfeit bill, George Floyd was approached by a community member who helped mediate the situation, rather than the police officer who [...]

Police Under Pressure To End Training Programmes With Israel

By Sharen Khalel, Middle East Monitor. -

The video of a white police officer kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, an unarmed African American, for nearly nine minutes as he slowly died, gasping for air, has struck a familiar chord with [...]

Reimagining Safety & Security In Our Communities

By Staff, -

By Staff of Law for Black Lives - Over the last 30 years, at both the national and local levels, governments have dramatically increased their spending on criminalization, policing, and mass [...]

Protest Policing In Trump’s America: Notes For J20 And Beyond

By Traci Yoder, -

By Traci Yoder for NLG Director of Research and Education - When independent media collective Unicorn Riot filed a records request to the North Dakota Department of Corrections related to the [...]

Viral Video Illustrates What’s Wrong With Policing In America

By Aaron Rupar, -

By Aaron Rupar for Think Progress - Last Wednesday, a black man was walking down a street in suburban Edina, Minnesota, when a plain clothes officer grabbed him and refused to let go. The [...]

Community Policing Part Of The Problem Of Abusive Policing

By Staff, -

By Staff of We Charge Genocide - On June 8, 2016, three members of a We Charge Genocide working group, Real Community Accountability for People’s Safety (RCAPS) met with the Department of [...]

AFROMATION: ‘These Are Our Demands’

By Baltimore Bloc, -

By Michaela Brown for Baltimore Bloc. Baltimore, MD - "It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our [...]

Tomgram: Harwood And Stanley, Policing The Dystopia

By Matthew Harwood and Jay Stanley, -

By Matthew Harwood and Jay Stanley for Tom Dispatch - For 15 years, Americans have been living in a constant state of “wartime” without any of the obvious signs of war. There is no draft. The [...]

Black Culture Isn’t The Problem – Systemic Inequality Is

By Boots Riley, -

By Boots Riley for The Guardian - The idea that it is black folks and our supposedly immoral and savage culture that creates our disproportionate rates of poverty and imprisonment is everywhere: [...]

Newark Police To Revamp Stop-And-Frisk In Civil Rights Accord

By Joseph Ax, -

By Joseph Ax for Reuters - Police in Newark, New Jersey, will institute sweeping reforms to resolve allegations of widespread civil-rights violations under the supervision of a federal monitor, [...]

Leaked NYPD Union Docs: City Agrees To Cover Up Police Abuse

By George Joseph, -

By George Joseph for The Guardian - Contracts between police and city authorities, leaked after hackers breached the website of the country’s biggest law enforcement union, contain guarantees [...]

Thousands In France Protest State Of Emergency

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Activists say the French government's crackdown on protests has done nothing to make the country safer. Thousands of people marched across France Saturday to protest the [...]