Artivism, Creativity And Political Change In Spain

By Esther Ortiz, -

By Esther Ortiz for Equal TImes - “With the 15M movement the need arose to develop innovative ways of protesting and fighting in order to rally indignant citizens who were not activists, people [...]

Using Public Art To Narrow The Gaps

By Staff, -

By Staff of - On September 21, 1976, agents of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet carried out a brutal assassination in the heart of the U.S. capital. Orlando Letelier, a vocal [...]

Poitras Exhibit Turns U.S. Govt Threat To Liberty Into Political Art

By Lucy Komisar, -

By Lucy Komisar for The Komisar Scoop - Art as politics reaches new intensities in the Whitney Museum’s disturbing and powerful new exhibit of filmmaker Laura Poitras’ selection of videos and [...]

Why Are Cops Taking Beyoncé’s Black Affirmation As An Attack?

By Natasha Lennard, -

By Natasha Lennard for Aljazeera - Beyoncé’s impeccable Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday drew an estimated 104 million viewers, but members of the National Sheriffs’ Association were not among [...]

Why Banksy’s Art Is Such A Deadly Political Weapon

By Lizzie Crocker, -

By Lizzie Crocker for The Daily Beast - In a 2007 interview with The New Yorker, Banksy, the subversive British graffiti artist, was asked what drew him to his work. “I used to want to save the [...]

The Enemy Is The Ruling Class

This is an excerpt from American Autumn: an Occudoc. Get the full movie for FREE by emailing at with American Autumn in the subject [...]