Corpses Of Souls

By Chris Hedges, -

Walker Percy in his 1971 dystopian novel “Love in the Ruins” paints a picture of a morally degenerate America consumed by hedonism, wallowing in ignorance, led by kleptocrats and fools, [...]

Open Letter To American People From Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales

By Staff, -

For the past century, the owners of the fruit companies called our country “Banana Republic” and characterized our politicians as “cheaper than a mule” (as in the infamous Rolston letter). [...]

The Counter-Revolution

By Adrian Kuzminski, -

The polarization of our country isn’t between left and right, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican. It’s between richer and poorer, elitists and proletarians, over-educated and [...]

Latin America: The Pendulum Swings To The Right

By James Petras, -

The right wing regimes are driven by intent to implement structural changes: they look to reordering the nature of the state, economic and social relations and international political and [...]

Weedkiller Vote Poisons European Politics

By Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini, -

By Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini for Politico - An EU vote approving the use of a controversial weedkiller for another five years triggered an immediate backlash from Paris and Rome, and is [...]

Venezuela’s Fragile Revolution: From Chávez To Maduro

By Steve Ellner, -

By Steve Ellner for Venezuela Analysis - The Venezuelan experience of nearly two decades of radicalization, extreme social and political polarization, and right-wing insurgence offers valuable [...]

Can The Politicians Heed The Lessons Of Hurricane Harvey?

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader of The Nader Page - Hovering Hurricane Harvey, loaded and reloading with trillions of gallons of water raining down on the greater Houston region—ironically the hub of the [...]

Tesla’s Big Battery Will Change Power And Politics

By Lloyd Alter, -

By Lloyd Alter for Tree Hugger - We have written previously about how Tesla will kill the duck in Australia in 100 days or it’s free. Now more detail has come out about what is being called the [...]

A Clarion Call For Our Country’s Pillars To Demand Justice

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader for The Nader Page - Given the retrograde pits inhabited by our ruling politicians and the avaricious over-reach of myopic big-business bosses, the self-described pillars of our [...]

Political Myth-Making And State Legitimacy

By Gerald Sussman, -

By Gerald Sussman for Counter Punch - First off, it is quite evident that the United States, which for years has been losing internal state legitimacy, is in crisis. (It’s already lost external [...]

Beware The Politics Of Fear And ‘Non-Ideological’ Saviors

By Slavoj Zizek, -

By Slavoj Zizek for Independent - Recall how, in the last elections in France, every leftist scepticism about Macron was immediately denounced as a support for Marine le Pen. And look at the [...]

Visiting South Orange Students Refuse Photo With Speaker Ryan

By Mary Mann, -

By Mary Mann for The Village Green - About half the students in a group of South Orange Middle School 8th graders touring the Capitol in D.C. this past week refused a photo with House Speaker [...]

“Fora Temer – Eleições Diretas Já!” Brazil’s Political Rupture And Left’s Opportunity

By Alfredo Saad-Filho, -

By Alfredo Saad-Filho for Open Democracy - The Brazilian Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) won the country’s presidential elections four times in a row; first with Luís Inácio Lula [...]

Where Are We Going Politically?

By Stan Sorscher, -

By Stan Sorscher for The Huffington Post - “Greed is good” values dominated America in the gilded age and the laissez faire period leading to the Great Depression and political instability. The [...]

Reign Of Idiots

By Chris Hedges, -

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - The idiots take over in the final days of crumbling civilizations. Idiot generals wage endless, unwinnable wars that bankrupt the nation. Idiot economists call for [...]