The Criminalization Of Poverty And What To Do About It

By Staff, Job Opportunity Task Force -

In August 2016, the United States Department of Justice issued a report following its investigation into the policies and practices of the Baltimore Police Department. The report was in response [...]

A New Poor People’s Campaign For Moral Revival

By Staff, -

By Staff of Poor People's Campaign - The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival has emerged from more than a decade of work by grassroots community and religious leaders, [...]

Colorado’s Alamosa Municipal Court Tramples On Rights Of Poor People

By Becca Curry, -

By Becca Curry for ACLU - Municipal judges have incredible power over the lives of the people who enter their courtrooms. When these judges refuse to follow the law and instead run their [...]

What A Revived Poor People’s Campaign Needs To Do

By Amanda Abrams, -

By Amanda Abrams for Yes! Magazine - In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. and his allies started the Poor People’s Campaign, a movement meant to improve the lives of low-income Americans. But King was [...]

Rev. Barber: America Needs A New Poor People’s Campaign

By William J. Barber, II, -

By William J. Barber, II for Think Progress - In a spectacle of religious hypocrisy last week, preachers who say so much about what God says so little — and so little about what God says so much [...]

Justice Department Says Poor Can’t Be Held When They Can’t Afford Bail

By Pete Williams, -

By Pete Williams for NBCNews - Holding defendants in jail because they can't afford to make bail is unconstitutional, the Justice Department said in a court filing late Thursday — the first time [...]

A Poor People’s Movement In The Rustbelt

By Jack Shuler,> -

By Jack Shuler for Truth Out - When Chris Wills got out of prison, he could not find a job. He applied, but no one would hire him because of his record. And then he started using drugs again. In [...]

Marching On The DNC: Interview With Cheri Honkala

By Ann Garrison, -

By Ann Garrison for Counterpunch. It was a struggle but we were adamant and told the ACLU over and over again for 48 hours that we would not change our permit request, and we have won the right [...]

Redistribution Of Health Care From The Poor To The Wealthy

By Samuel L. Dickman et al, -

By Samuel L. Dickman et al for PNHP - US medical spending growth slowed between 2004 and 2013. At the same time, many Americans faced rising copayments and deductibles, which may have [...]

Mumia: Water & Other Capitalist Crimes Against The Poor

By Mumia Abu-Jamal, -

By Mumia Abu-Jamal for Counter Punch - The adage that there are different systems of justice for rich and poor, Black and white, is horrifically confirmed in Flint, Michigan, where the white [...]

Poor More Likely To Live Near Chemical Hazard

By Amanda Starbuck, -

By Amanda Starbuck for Center for Effective Government. The Center for Effective Government released a new report and interactive map to coincide with the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The [...]