Protesters Occupy Cathedral Of Chilean Bishop

By Inés San Martín, -

By Inés San Martín for Crux Now - ROME — Laypeople in Chile opposed to Pope Francis’ appointment of a bishop with ties to the country’s most notorious abuser priest have occupied the local [...]

Who Says They Don’t Protest In DC: Protest Year In Review

By Luke for DC Indy Media. Below is a month-by-month video review of activism, primarily in the Washington, DC region. If you think there are no protests in DC this video will disabuse of that [...]

Let Us Again Be Inspired To Ban Nuclear Weapons

By Alice Slater, -

By Alice Slater in Common Dreams - The stirring condemnation of nuclear weapons by Pope Francis today at the United Nations and his call for their prohibition and complete elimination in [...]

The Pope & Obama’s Climate Legacy

By Tom Weis, -

By Tom Weis in The Huffington Post - History will be made this week when Pope Francis addresses a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Only the Pope and his closest advisors know what he will say, [...]

Pope Tells World’s Top Arms Dealers To End Arms Trade

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson - I lack patience. I admit it. There's my confession. I couldn't sit through the Pope's slow and plodding and polite speech to Congress, waiting for him to say something [...]

Pope Highlights Activists In Address To Congress

By Kevin Zeese, -

By Kevin Zeese for Popular Resistance - In his speech to a Joint Session of Congress Pope Francis focused on environmental degradation, the death penatly, poverty and immigration and framed his [...]

Protesters Urge Pope To End ‘Thousands Of Years Of Misogyny’

By Ruby Mellen, -

By Ruby Mellen for Huffington Post - Sister Janice Sevre-Duszynska, a Kentucky native ordained by the Roman Catholic Women Priests and one of the leaders of the protest, voiced frustration at [...]

California Friar Who Colonized Native Americans Canonized By Pope

By Bill Berkowitz, -

By Bill Berkowitz in Truthout - Why is Pope Francis conferring sainthood on a man whose actions led to the destruction of native peoples in California? Sainthood for Serra, a man who founded [...]

Pope Arrives, Hunger Strike Grows Against Oil & Gas

By Melinda Tuhus, -

By Melinda Tuhus for BXE - On the day the Pope arrived in Washington, DC, Beyond Extreme Energy entered the 15th day of their water-only fast, outside of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [...]

Pope Arriving, Civil Disobedience Ramps Up

By Institute For Public Accuracy, -

By Institute For Public Accuracy - Peace activists are planning a series of actions in Washington, D.C. and around the country coinciding with the visit of Pope Francis. Today, the Syracuse [...]

28 Arrested Saying: ‘Pope Francis, We Hear You’

By Sandra Steingraber, -

By Sandra Steingraber for EcoWatch - Just two weeks before Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S., where he is expected to call for urgent action to protect the world’s environment, 28 people, led by [...]

Pope Francis Seeks Forgiveness For Crimes Against ‘Native People’

By Al Jazeera, -

By Al Jazeera - Pope Francis cast himself as the spiritual and political leader of the world's oppressed on Thursday evening with a remarkable mea culpa for the sins and crimes of the Catholic [...]

Something’s Missing From Pope Francis’ Vision Of Equality: Women

By Roisin Davis, -

By Roisin Davis in Truthdig - Pope Francis this week embarked on a seven-day “homecoming” tour of Latin America on his unstoppable quest to defend the planet and the poor. The continent—the [...]

Sky High Activism, Wedding Pics, Rainbows & Flags

By Eleanor Goldfield for Congrats to all the couples who can now tie the knot! But now that you’ve ridden the rainbow to marital bliss, allow me to bring you back down to everything [...]

Rome March Celebrate Pope’s Call for Urgent Climate Action

By Sean Buchanan, -

By Sean Buchanan by Inter Press Service. People of faith, civil society groups, and communities affected by climate change marched together in Rome Sunday Jun. 28 to express gratitude to Pope [...]

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