No Sacrifices Of The Public Interest In Times Of Emergency

By Adam M. Sowards, The Revelator. -

Never one to miss an opportunity, the Trump administration has repeatedly used the COVID-19 crisis as cover to enact unwise and dangerous environmental policies against the public interest and to [...]

Protest & Political Activity Increases In Trump Era

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

People have noted that the last year has seen an escalation of protest activity in the United States. Many of these protests are generated by opposition to Donald Trump, e.g. protests against [...]

Pentagon Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown

By Nafeez Ahmed, -

By Nafeez Ahmed for the Guardian. A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to model the dynamics, risks and tipping points for large-scale civil unrest across [...]

Black Bloc: The Activist’s Militia

By Awakened Media, -

By Awakened Media for The Fifth Column News. Seattle, Washington (TFC) – A Black Bloc is not a group or organization; in fact, it is a tactic that has greatly evolved since its beginnings in [...]

1.8 Million People Call For TPP To Be Made Public

By Fuseworks Media, -

A petition of more than 1.8 million people worldwide, calling for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) to be made public has been delivered to Australia’s Parliament this [...]

People’s Assembly Will Bring Down Austerity Government

By People's Assembly Against Austerity, -

Comedian and activist Russell Brand has announced he will speak out against spending cuts and austerity at a huge march being planned against the Coalition Government on 21 June. Brand, famous [...]

The Crime Of Peaceful Protest

By Chris Hedges, -

Cecily McMillan, wearing a red dress and high heels, her dark, shoulder-length hair stylishly curled, sat behind a table with her two lawyers Friday morning facing Judge Ronald A. Zweibel in Room [...]

Arundhati Roy: Another World Is Not Only Possible…

By Arundhati Roy, -

Arundhati Roy's trenchant analysis of the destructive impact of global neoliberalism on India is available directly from Truthout by clicking here.Capitalism: A Ghost Story is a passionate, [...]

How Change Happens: The Immigration Uprising

By David Bacon, -

With Congress gridlocked and unable to pass even the deeply flawed comprehensive immigration reform, activists around the country are successfully challenging the injustices inherent in US [...]

Opposition Movement To Drones Growing

By Kate Chandley, -

Illegal US drone strikes continue (the Long War Journal says there have been 8 drones strikes in Yemen so far this year), but efforts to curb the use of killer drones have made remarkable headway [...]

Supreme Court Just Struck Down Democracy. What Now?

By Kai Newkirk, -

We celebrate the principle of political equality, of "one person, one vote". But the new rule is "one dollar, one vote", and it is a recipe for plutocracy. This was essentially true before [...]

Activists In Chile Score Victory Over Monsanto

By Asha DuMonthier, -

This month, rural women, indigenous communities, and farmers in Chile found themselves on the winning end of a long-fought battle against a bill that had come to be known by many in this country [...]

12 Inspired Actions to Outsmart Repressive Situations and Laws

By Amador Fernández-Savater & Leónidas Martín, Translated by Stacco Troncoso, edited by Jane Loes -

We can turn the tables and ridicule these sorts of reactionary, short sighted, desperate measures with our greatest assets: imagination, humor and the fact that we’re the good guys. The following [...]

Sudan’s Popular Protest Ignored By International Community

By Dalia Haj-Omar, -

When news of renewed protests in Sudan started to spread in late September, many in the community of activists who were part of the summer protests of June/July 2012 (dubbed the Sudan Revolts) [...]