Update: Spring Fund Drive Underway

By Popular Resistance. -

Popular Resistance was created almost seven years ago after nine months of speaking to activists and mentors from across the country and holding strategy sessions about what was needed to [...]

Popular Resistance Needs Your Support

By Staff, www.popularresistance.org -

The point is that the Popular Resistance team is deeply committed to human rights and protection of the planet. We will do all that we can nonviolently to bring justice and build a stronger [...]

PopRes ‘Has No Qualms About Getting In Govt’s Face’

By Kevin Collier, www.dailydot.com -

Don’t let anyone tell you that fighting for net neutrality isn't a contact sport. Two Internet freedom activists were reportedly tackled to the ground Tuesday as they interrupted a press [...]

Fighting For A Legitimate Democracy, By And For The People

By Kevin Zeese & Margaret Flowers, www.alternet.org -

Two weeks ago in reaction to the McCutcheon decision we touched on an issue that will become central to our movement: Has the democratic legitimacy of the US government been lost? We raised [...]

If MLK Were Alive Today (video)

No one can say what King would be doing or saying if government agencies at the local, state and federal level (including the