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Popular Resistance

Update: Spring Fund Drive Underway

Popular Resistance was created almost seven years ago after nine months of speaking to activists and mentors from across the country and holding strategy sessions about what was needed to facilitate building a people-powered movement. Our small staff works daily to bring you not only movement news, but also stories that counter the ruling elites' capitalist and imperialist narrative in the corporate media. Reading stories of what people are doing to build resistance in their communities and create positive alternatives to the destructive systems in which we live teaches and inspires others to do the same. We also provide a free movement school to empower people to be more effective in their struggles.

Popular Resistance Needs Your Support

The point is that the Popular Resistance team is deeply committed to human rights and protection of the planet. We will do all that we can nonviolently to bring justice and build a stronger movement of movements. The problem is that by stepping out of the realm of traditional political tools, we are not able to receive funding from traditional foundations. We won't compromise our work for funding, but we still need funds to do the work we do. Some of our readers have made donations recently and we greatly appreciate that. We try not to be aggressive about seeking donations, but we currently find ourselves in a situation that makes it necessary to ask. Some of our staff are going without pay and some have reduced their pay in order to keep Popular Resistance going, but this isn't sustainable. We know that the economy is hard for everyone, but we are asking you to make a donation if you can.

PopRes ‘Has No Qualms About Getting In Govt’s Face’

Don’t let anyone tell you that fighting for net neutrality isn't a contact sport. Two Internet freedom activists were reportedly tackled to the ground Tuesday as they interrupted a press conference held by Ajit Pai, one of the five voting commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission. Pai is one of two commissioners who opposes FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to save net neutrality by reclassifying the Internet underTitle II of the Communications Act. The activists came from Popular Resistance, a group that has no qualms about getting in the government’s face.

Fighting For A Legitimate Democracy, By And For The People

Two weeks ago in reaction to the McCutcheon decision we touched on an issue that will become central to our movement: Has the democratic legitimacy of the US government been lost? We raised this issue by quoting a Supreme Court Justice, former US president and a sitting US Senator: “The legitimacy of the US government is now in question. By illegitimate we mean it is ruled by the 1%, not a democracy ‘of, by and for the people.’ The US has become a carefully designed plutocracy that creates laws to favor the few. As Stephen Breyer wrote in his dissenting opinion, American law is now ‘incapable of dealing with the grave problems of democratic legitimacy.’ Or, as former president, Jimmy Carter said on July 16, 2013 “America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy.” “Even members of Congress admit there is a problem. Long before the McCutcheon decision Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) described the impact of the big banks on the government saying: ‘They own the place.’ We have moved into an era of a predatory form of capitalism rooted in big finance where profits are more important than people’s needs or protection of the planet.”

If MLK Were Alive Today (video)

No one can say what King would be doing or saying if government agencies at the local, state and federal level (including the FBI and CIA with an assist from a Mafia henchman) had not conspired to murder him.
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