Noam Chomsky On Populist Groundswell, U.S. Elections, Future Of Humanity, And More

By Lynn Parramore, -

I don’t know if you know, but as late as 1966 in Boston we could barely have an anti-war action because it would be violently broken up with the support of the press and so on. By then, South [...]

Populism Of Hope Begins When People Feel Their Own Power

By Nathan Schneider, -

The waning years of the 1800s bore an uncanny resemblance to the present. The U.S. economy was transforming and globalizing, leaving behind many hardworking people. Then, as now, a populist [...]

Poverty Fuels European Extremism

By Andrew Spannaus, -

By Andrew Spannaus for CounterPunch. Less stable employment conditions and the stagnation or regression of salaries have created the fertile ground for populist movements on the right in [...]

Would America’s First Populists Recognize Trump’s Populism?

By Caleb Maupin, -

By Caleb Maupin for Dandelion Salad - This isn’t from a Donald Trump speech. This isn’t from an alt-right rant against globalism. The above text comes from “Why Communism? Plain Talk on Vital [...]

Trump’s Phony Populism On Military Spending

By Miriam Pemberton, -

By Miriam Pemberton for Other Words - The president says he'll protect our interests against the boondoggle weapons makers. Don't believe him. There’s a lot of misdirection going on these days. [...]

Anti-Trump Protests Will Fail If Tied To Democratic Party

By John Stauber, -

By John Stauber for CounterPunch. The massive, continuing protests against President Trump, #NotMyPresident, are not a movement and will only benefit Trump. They are an emotional tactic devoid [...]

Left-Wing Populism And The Feminization Of Politics

By Laura Roth and Kate Shea Baird, -

By Laura Roth and Kate Shea Baird for ROAR Magazine - Two of the liveliest debates among activists on the European left these days relate to the strategy of left-wing populism on the one hand and [...]

Trump: Not A Populist, He’s A Corporatist

By Rick Claypool, -

By Rick Claypool for Medium - Nov. 29, 2016 — As a candidate, President-Elect Donald Trump railed against the “rigged political establishment” and promised to “send the special interests [...]

Building A New Populism In The Era Of Trump

By Chuck Collins, -

By Chuck Collins for Other Words - Imagine you’re standing in line for the American Dream. You work hard, sometimes in dangerous jobs. You lead a moral life. But the line is stalling, even moving [...]

Europe Must Reform To Avoid A Populist Domino Effect

By Sven Giegold, -

By Sven Giegold for The Huffington Post - Brexit is an historic setback for the European Union, but not a death sentence. As sad as the referendum result is, it must be respected. After referenda [...]

Populism With A Brain

By Barry C. Lynn and Phillip Longman, -

By Barry C. Lynn and Phillip Longman for Washington Monthly - National Review recently described Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as “two populist peas in a pod.” This was not a compliment. Across [...]

Eggs Fly In Iceland As Panama Papers Spark Populist Anger In Streets

By Lauren McCauley, -

By Lauren McCauley for Common Dreams - Foretelling the kind of public backlash other ultra-rich tax dodgers can expect following the weekend release of the so-called Panama Papers, tens of [...]

The Tug-Of-War Between Negative & Positive Populism

By Bill Moyer, -

By Bill Moyer Campaign - Disdain for the status quo in the US is nearly universal - AND - given the complexity and chaos of our times, change is inevitable. But who will define what "change" [...]

Trade Deals Undermine Everything Obama Says He Stands For

By Matthew Pulver, -

By Matthew Pulver in Salon - After more than six years of Obama-era party discipline and general accord, Democrats are finally suffering a measure of intra-party strife as the president appeals [...]

Urban Electoral Revolt In Spain Leads To New Urban Agenda

By Carlos Declós, -

In Barcelona, the prominent anti-evictions activist Ada Colau won the city’s mayoral race. In Madrid, once a stronghold of the Popular Party, the former judge Manuela Carmena also has a chance to [...]

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