Populism Is Not The Answer To Neoliberal Fascism

By Henry A. Giroux, Truthout.org -

We have entered an ominous age of political conformity. Support is growing for a right-wing populism that views liberal democracy as both an anachronism and a curse. Meanwhile, many of those who [...]

Facing Populist Assault, Global Elites Regroup In Davos

By Paul Wiseman and Jamey Keaten, Apnews.com -

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — As the world’s financial and political elites convene here in the Swiss Alps for the World Economic Forum, their vision of ever-closer commercial and political ties is [...]

Two Populisms, Not One

By Paul Street, Counterpunch. -

Two very different “populisms” that have arisen in response to neoliberal capitalism in the West. A left-leaning social-democratic “progressive populism” targets the capitalist concentration [...]

The Establishment’s Bi-Partisan Fear Of Popular Revolt

By Gareth Porter, Truthout.org -

The two most powerful think tanks in Washington, representing center-left and center-right political elites, have responded to the populist shocks of the 2016 presidential election by trying to [...]

Mexico’s New Populist President Considers Foreign Pipeline Plans Despite Indigenous Protests

By Martha Pskowski and Steve Horn, Desmogblog.com -

Andrés Manuel López Obrador looked out at the crowd of reporters at a Mexico City Hilton Hotel the night of July 1. It was a moment that he had waited years for: his victory speech for the [...]

Localisation: A Strategic Solution To Globalised Authoritarianism

By Helena Norberg-Hodge, Longreads.tni.org -

For those who care about peace, equality and the future of the planet, the global political swing to the right over the past few years is deeply worrying. It has us asking ourselves, how did this [...]

Noam Chomsky On Populist Groundswell, U.S. Elections, Future Of Humanity, And More

By Lynn Parramore, Ineteconomics.org -

I don’t know if you know, but as late as 1966 in Boston we could barely have an anti-war action because it would be violently broken up with the support of the press and so on. By then, South [...]

Populism Of Hope Begins When People Feel Their Own Power

By Nathan Schneider, Yesmagazine.org -

The waning years of the 1800s bore an uncanny resemblance to the present. The U.S. economy was transforming and globalizing, leaving behind many hardworking people. Then, as now, a populist [...]

Poverty Fuels European Extremism

By Andrew Spannaus, www.counterpunch.org -

By Andrew Spannaus for CounterPunch. Less stable employment conditions and the stagnation or regression of salaries have created the fertile ground for populist movements on the right in [...]

Would America’s First Populists Recognize Trump’s Populism?

By Caleb Maupin, www.dandelionsalad.wordpress.com -

By Caleb Maupin for Dandelion Salad - This isn’t from a Donald Trump speech. This isn’t from an alt-right rant against globalism. The above text comes from “Why Communism? Plain Talk on Vital [...]

Trump’s Phony Populism On Military Spending

By Miriam Pemberton, www.otherwords.org -

By Miriam Pemberton for Other Words - The president says he'll protect our interests against the boondoggle weapons makers. Don't believe him. There’s a lot of misdirection going on these days. [...]

Anti-Trump Protests Will Fail If Tied To Democratic Party

By John Stauber, www.counterpunch.org -

By John Stauber for CounterPunch. The massive, continuing protests against President Trump, #NotMyPresident, are not a movement and will only benefit Trump. They are an emotional tactic devoid [...]

Left-Wing Populism And The Feminization Of Politics

By Laura Roth and Kate Shea Baird, www.mareagranate.org -

By Laura Roth and Kate Shea Baird for ROAR Magazine - Two of the liveliest debates among activists on the European left these days relate to the strategy of left-wing populism on the one hand and [...]

Trump: Not A Populist, He’s A Corporatist

By Rick Claypool, www.medium.com -

By Rick Claypool for Medium - Nov. 29, 2016 — As a candidate, President-Elect Donald Trump railed against the “rigged political establishment” and promised to “send the special interests [...]

Building A New Populism In The Era Of Trump

By Chuck Collins, www.otherwords.org -

By Chuck Collins for Other Words - Imagine you’re standing in line for the American Dream. You work hard, sometimes in dangerous jobs. You lead a moral life. But the line is stalling, even moving [...]

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