Street Response Effective At Resolving Non-Violent 911 Calls

By Alex Zielinski, Portland Mercury. -

Portland, Oregon - The first six months of the Portland Street Response pilot project is meeting its lofty expectations, according to a Portland State University (PSU) study released [...]

Union Painters Are Primed For A ‘Summer Of Chaos’

By Don McIntosh, NW Labor Press. -

At 5:45 a.m. Friday, May 21, painters started assembling outside under-reconstruction Madison High School in Northeast Portland, and picked up picket signs instead of paint sprayers. For the [...]

How Portland Police Came to Be Armed With Military-Grade Rifles

By Tess Riski, Willamette Week. -

For two decades, the Portland Police Bureau has armed its officers with AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, the result of a tough-on-crime policy that equipped officers with firearms most people [...]

And The Landlords Said ‘Fuck You’

By David Rovics. -

Portland, OR - I know it is often hard to see, but significant elements of the folks in power at various levels of government are keenly aware that we're in a crisis, and they want to avoid a [...]

The Red House And The Future Of Eviction Defense

By David Rovics, Counterpunch. -

Portland, Oregon has been in the headlines again over the last few days, and this trend will continue.  The reasons for the headlines will vary depending on who you ask.  If you ask the far right [...]

Portland Community Beats Back Eviction, Erects Barricades

By It's Going Down. -

On Tuesday morning, Portland community members successfully repealed heavily armed and militarized Multnomah County Sheriffs backed by Portland police officers, who were attempting to evict the [...]

Red House Remains ‘Unceded Territory,’ Portland Family Says

By Zane Sparling, Portland Tribune. -

A local family says their home in Portland's historically-Black Albina neighborhood remains "unceded territory" — despite authorities' vow to remove barricades and enforce what they say is a [...]

Portland Drone Testing Facility Cancelled

By Fight for the Future. -

Last week, the Port of Portland announced it would cancel a pending lease with Verizon for seven acres of riverfront property in one of Portland, Oregon’s most diverse neighborhoods. Verizon and [...]

Portland: DA Declines To Prosecute 70% Of Portland Protest Cases

By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, Oregon Live. -

Portland police have referred almost 1,000 protest-related cases to the Multnomah District Attorney’s Office since late May and prosecutors have declined to file charges in nearly 70 percent of [...]

Dangerous Use Of Crowd-Control Weapons Against Protestors And Medics

By Kathryn Hampton, Michele Heisler, and Donna McKay, Physicians for Human Rights. -

Portland, OR - Regardless of where we are, we are living in a reign of violence in which “we can’t breathe.” We are witnessing a global downward trend in terms of respect for fundamental human [...]

Portland: Police Arrest Far Right Protestor

By Conrad Wilson, -

Portland Police have arrested a far-right protester and member of the Proud Boys who pointed a gun at antifascist protesters on Aug. 22 in downtown Portland. Alan James Swinney, 50, is being [...]

Volunteers Mobilize In Aftermath Of Oregon Fires

By Shane Burley, Al Jazeera. -

Portland, United States - Hunter Bombadier has spent the better part of the past year protesting for an end to police violence and anti-Black racism – and supporting communities hit hard by the [...]

Portland Protests, The Fire And Organizing Eviction Defense

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Portland, Oregon is one of the epicenters of the rebellion against police violence that broke out after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Portland has a long history of racism and [...]

Witness: Officers Never Gave Commands Before Killing Michael Reinoehl

By Maxine Bernstein, Oregon Live. -

Officers who first confronted Michael Forest Reinoehl outside an apartment complex in Washington last week yelled no warnings or commands before firing and killing the Oregon man wanted on a [...]

Portland Protest Killing Suspect Acted In Self Defense, Murdered During Arrest

By Vice News. -

Ever since a member of the right-wing “Patriot Prayer” group was shot and killed during a violent rally in downtown Portland August 29, the police investigation has reportedly focused on [...]