Portland: DA Declines To Prosecute 70% Of Portland Protest Cases

By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, Oregon Live. -

Portland police have referred almost 1,000 protest-related cases to the Multnomah District Attorney’s Office since late May and prosecutors have declined to file charges in nearly 70 percent of [...]

Dangerous Use Of Crowd-Control Weapons Against Protestors And Medics

By Kathryn Hampton, Michele Heisler, and Donna McKay, Physicians for Human Rights. -

Portland, OR - Regardless of where we are, we are living in a reign of violence in which “we can’t breathe.” We are witnessing a global downward trend in terms of respect for fundamental human [...]

Portland: Police Arrest Far Right Protestor

By Conrad Wilson, OPB.org. -

Portland Police have arrested a far-right protester and member of the Proud Boys who pointed a gun at antifascist protesters on Aug. 22 in downtown Portland. Alan James Swinney, 50, is being [...]

Volunteers Mobilize In Aftermath Of Oregon Fires

By Shane Burley, Al Jazeera. -

Portland, United States - Hunter Bombadier has spent the better part of the past year protesting for an end to police violence and anti-Black racism – and supporting communities hit hard by the [...]

Portland Protests, The Fire And Organizing Eviction Defense

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Portland, Oregon is one of the epicenters of the rebellion against police violence that broke out after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Portland has a long history of racism and [...]

Witness: Officers Never Gave Commands Before Killing Michael Reinoehl

By Maxine Bernstein, Oregon Live. -

Officers who first confronted Michael Forest Reinoehl outside an apartment complex in Washington last week yelled no warnings or commands before firing and killing the Oregon man wanted on a [...]

Portland Protest Killing Suspect Acted In Self Defense, Murdered During Arrest

By Vice News. -

Ever since a member of the right-wing “Patriot Prayer” group was shot and killed during a violent rally in downtown Portland August 29, the police investigation has reportedly focused on [...]

Why Conflict Is Escalating In Portland

By David Rovics, Make Popular Education Popular Again. -

It's always been mythology that in the USA the First Amendment gives people the right to peacefully protest. It's always been mythology that when people commit acts of civil disobedience, such as [...]

Police Continue To Repress Protesters In Portland

By Telesur English. -

For 90 days now, protesters have taken to the streets of the U.S. city of Portland following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. As per social media videos, protesters were met [...]

The Feds Left, But The Battle For Portland Continues

By Shane Burley, ROAR Magazine. -

Protests at the federal Justice Center in downtown Portland have become a nightly ritual, but protesters have also been expanding their reach across the city. Demonstrations at various precinct [...]

The ‘Wall of Vets’ Continues Long Legacy Of Veteran Activism 

By Brian Trautman,  Peace Voice. -

Military veterans have long been resisting war, promoting positive peace, and defending human and civil rights against state violence and other forms of oppression. They have made significant [...]

National Uprising Exposes Divisions In The Ruling Class…

By Ari Saffran and John Peterson, Socialist Revolution. -

For weeks on end, the George Floyd protests against racism and police violence shook America. Support for the movement overflowed all demographic boundaries as an estimated 10% of all American [...]

Crisis In Portland Did Not Start With Trump’s Shock Troops

By Maureen Murphy, ScheerPost.com. -

By now, you’ve very likely seen startling footage of armed federal officers storming through the streets of downtown Portland and abducting protesters with unmarked vehicles. Maybe you’ve watched [...]

Portland: Getting Out of Jail Requires Relinquishing Constitutional Rights

By Dara Lind, ProPublica. -

Federal authorities are using a new tactic in their battle against protesters in Portland, Oregon: arrest them on offenses as minor as “failing to obey” an order to get off a sidewalk on federal [...]

A Nonviolent Resistance Campaign With Historical Precedent

By Brian Trautman, Counterpunch. -

Soon after George Floyd, an unarmed 46-year-old Black man, was suffocated to death by Minneapolis police on May 25, 2020, a nationwide response to his killing reenergized the Black Lives Matter [...]