Are Postal Service Cuts Motivated By Voter Suppression, Privatization Or Both?

By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger, Inequality. -

Throughout its 245-year history, the Postal Service has persevered through rain, snow, heat, the gloom of night, and even a global pandemic to serve the American people. But now this vital public [...]

Responding To Voter Suppression, Understanding Manipulated Elections

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

Voter suppression in the 2020 election has become a topic of great concern. In reality, voter suppression has been part of US politics since the founding of the country. The oligarchs who wrote [...]

The Struggle Against Neoliberalism Intensifies: Saving Our Postal Service And Workers

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The wave of worker, student, and renter strikes is growing into a campaign for a general strike that begins on May 1 and continues at the first of each month from there. The government's response [...]

Unions Back US Postal Service’s $75 Billion Pandemic Appeal

By Mark Gruenberg, Intrepid Report. -

Washington — Faced with a crash in mail volume and revenue due to closures to battle the coronavirus pandemic—right when the country needs the Postal Service the most to help get vital food, [...]

Head Of The Postal Workers Union Says The Postal Service Could Be Dead In Three Months

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

Among the most prominent victims of the coronavirus financial crisis is the United States Postal Service, which could quite literally run out of money to operate if the federal government does [...]

The Postal Service Is A Public Treasure That Should Not Be Privatized

By Sarah Holder, -

The United States Postal Service has been fighting for its life since it was born. President Richard Nixon created this vast mail-managing entity in 1970 by turning its old Cabinet-level [...]

I’m A Postal Worker. If You Get Mail In A Small Town Or Suburb, Listen Up!

By Kathy Toler, -

I’ve been a postal clerk for 23 years, serving my customers in a public post office in Gresham, Oregon. As you might imagine, with the holidays fast approaching, it’s a busy time of year for us. [...]

‘The U.S. Mail Is Not For Sale’: Postal Workers Speak Out

By Steve Wishnia, -

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Jonathan Smith, head of the New York Metro Area Postal Union, entered the Hunts Point Station post office in the Bronx on the afternoon of Oct. 16, accompanied by a dozen-odd [...]

Victory: U.S. Postal Service Halting Retail Sales At Staples Stores

By Joe Davidson, -

By Joe Davidson for The Washington Post - But now, that program has been sentenced to death and it is postal labor leaders who are rejoicing. They cheer the demise of a program that had been the [...]

The US Postal Service’s Secret Cover Program

By John Kiriakou, -

By John Kiriakou for Reader Supported News - The U.S. Postal Service is spying on us. And they’re not doing a very good job at it. I’m not talking about peeking into letters or looking at how [...]

Warning: Another Attack On Our Postal Service

By Dave Johnson, -

By Dave Johnson for Nation of Change - Should we run our country for the benefit of We the People, or so that a few people can profit off of We the People? This is a question that is rising to [...]

Save The Post Office Before It’s Too Late

By Andy Piascik, -

By Andy Piascik. United States - Throughout the country, postal workers and community allies have prevented the closing of many facilities. Among the actions taken were a post office occupation [...]

“Gyrocopter” Pilot Honored With Commemorative Stamp

By House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, -

Today the House Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, US Postal Service & The Census, in partnership with the United States Postal Service, announced the release of a new commemorative stamp [...]

How New Postal Union Leadership Could Save The Post Office

By David Morris, -

Let’s begin with the bad news. The U.S. Post Office, the oldest, most respected and ubiquitous of all public institutions is fast disappearing. In recent years management has shuttered half the [...]

A “Grand Alliance” To Save Our Public Postal Service

By Dave Johnson, -

Republicans created the problems with the Postal Service. In 2006 Republicans in Congress required it to come up with $5.5 billion per year to pre-fund 75 years of retiree costs. This means the [...]

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