Champion Laws Shifting Costs Of Poverty Wages To Corporations

By Liz Ryan Murray, -

By Liz Ryan Murray for Other Worlds - Imagine if a corporation set up shop in your community and immediately dumped toxic sludge in your local waterways and buried radioactive waste next to your [...]

Fast-Food Workers Plan Wave Of Strikes For 2016 Primaries

By Giovanna Vitale and Jack Temple, -

By Giovanna Vitale and Jack Temple for #FightFor15. Fast-food workers announced Friday that an unprecedented wave of strikes and actions calling for $15 and union rights will hit this primary [...]

Protesters Slam Wall Street Elites: Profit Off ‘Misery Of Workers’

By Nadia Prupis, -

A union-supported activist group known as the Hedge Clippers disrupted a hedge fund conference in Manhattan on Monday to call out financial investors they say support poverty wages. The Hedge [...]