A Milestone For South African Shack Dwellers Movement

By Pan Africanism Today Secretariat, Black Agenda Report. -

The shack dwellers’ movement of South Africa marked 15 years of struggle for land, housing and dignity on October 4. It held a seminar, Sifike kanjani la? (How did we get to where we are?) and, [...]

Pandemic Could Push Up To 150 Million Into ‘Extreme Poverty’ By 2021

By Jessica Corbett, Commondreams. -

Amid findings that the combined wealth of the planet's billionaires skyrocketed to $10.2 trillion during the coronavirus pandemic, the World Bank warned Wednesday that the public health crisis [...]

Ending Poverty In Yuangudui, China

By Qin Ling, Qiao Collective. -

“Another year passes, but an unprecedented change begins.” Yuangudui’s stunning metamorphosis began on the 23rd of the 12th lunar month in 2013, the traditional Chinese holiday of New Year’s eve. [...]

A New Nonviolent Medicaid Army Is On The March

By Dr. Liz Theoharis and Nijmie Zakkiyyah Dzurinko, Inequality.org. -

Across the United States, poor and dispossessed people cannot wait for our politicians to act. This week, in states including Kansas, Maine, Alabama, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Wisconsin, [...]

US Poverty Measure Fails To Meet Government Standards

By Shawn Fremstad, Center for Economic and Policy Research. -

The Census Bureau’s statement that only 10.5 percent of Americans were poor in 2020 is an utterly unreliable and inaccurate claim that does not provide a sound efficient basis for decisions and [...]

Poll: Financial Pain From Coronavirus Pandemic ‘Much, Much Worse’ Than Expected

By Joe Neel, NPR. -

In America's four largest cities, at least half of people say they have experienced the loss of a job or a reduction in wages or work hours in their household since the start of the coronavirus [...]

This Public US University Has Seen Grades Soar Despite COVID-19

By Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian. -

If anywhere was going to take a pummeling from the coronavirus, you’d think it would be a place like Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. Georgia State is not a glamorous flagship [...]

Mexico: First The Poor

By Roger Stoll, Popular Resistance. -

Mexico is a semi-colony with a population of 129 million. Its political, financial and business elites are bound to the US, which receives 80% of Mexican exports. International corporations feast [...]

Biden’s Headquarters Rents A Fence To Stop The Poor People’s Army

By Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report. -

Cheri Honkala is a founder and coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights  Campaign (PPEHRC) . We spoke after she was arrested outside Biden campaign headquarters on the opening day [...]

Poor People’s Army To Protest At Biden’s Headquarters During DNC

By The Poor People's Economic and Human Rights Campaign. -

Protestors have declared that irrespective of permits, they plan to march on Presidential Candidate Biden’s national headquarters on August 17th at 4pm from the Liberty Bell. Upon arrival [...]

Haiti: Tremors Herald The Collapse Of The Moïse Regime

By ELAPRE (Struggle and Action for the Revolution), Marxist.com. -

Haiti’s economic and social situation has been steadily worsening since Jovenel Moïse came to power. It is a real descent into hell, planned by the tiny minority of bourgeois families as the [...]

‘Radical Real Estate Law School’ Is In Session

By Natalie Orenstein, The Oaklandside. -

When Christine Hernandez saw an ad for something called the “Radical Real Estate Law School” in Oakland, she was intrigued. “I thought, radical? That’s me,” she said. “Real estate? I’m [...]

The Consequences Of Inequality Can Be Fatal

By Richard D. Wolff, Economy for All. -

The COVID-19 pandemic, inadequately contained by the U.S. system, savages Americans of middle and lower incomes and wealth markedly more than the rich. The rich buy better health care and diets, [...]

Yemen: A Torrent Of Suffering In A Time of Siege

By Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence. -

In war-torn Yemen, the crimes pile up. Children who bear no responsibility for governance or warfare endure the punishment. In 2018, UNICEF said the war made Yemen a living hell for children. By [...]

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Poor People’s Justice Movement

By Belinda Davis, BlackAgenda Report.   -

PPEHRC, constituted by poor people organizing themselves, has been once again highly visible, in rising up against the radically increased precarity that COVID has visited on vast [...]