China Offers To Tutor Planet Following Extreme Poverty Elimination

By Morgan Artyukhina, Sputnik News. -

Home to nearly one-fifth of the world’s population, China’s social policies have a dramatic effect on humanity as a whole. Despite a shift toward allowing capitalist markets in the late 1970s, [...]

Neoliberalism Was Born In Chile; Neoliberalism Will Die In Chile

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

Daniel Jadue is the mayor of Recoleta, a commune that is part of the expanding city of Santiago, Chile. His office is on the sixth floor of a municipal building in whose lower reaches one can [...]

Women’s Leadership In The Global Recovery From The COVID-19 Pandemic

By Siddharth Chatterjee and Smriti Aryal, Inter Press Service. -

Beijing - Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), and the theme for this year’s celebration is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world.” We recognize the tremendous [...]

Real Unemployment Is Three Times What They’re Telling Us

By John Buell, Informed Comment. -

Southwest Harbor, Maine – As Congress gets set to debate the Biden Pandemic relief package, one of the favorite Republican lines is the contention that an economic recovery is already well [...]

Crisis In Buenaventura

By Maya Hernandez, Alliance for Global Justice. -

Buenaventura is the main port for Colombian foreign trade and the second largest city in the prosperous state of Valle del Cauca. Historically, the territory has been inhabited by [...]

Tales Of Resistance: Why Do The Poor Laugh?

By Jessica Dos Santos, Venezuelanalysis. -

In the middle of the holidays, the pipes in my apartment got clogged for the second time this year. On both occasions water was scarce for several days, and when it did arrive it brought so many [...]

US Suffers Sharpest Rise In Poverty Rate In More Than 50 Years

By Alex Tanzi and Catarina Saraiva, Chicago Tribune. -

The end of 2020 brought the sharpest rise in the U.S. poverty rate since the 1960s, according to a new study. Economists Bruce Meyer from the University of Chicago and James Sullivan of the [...]

The Failings Of Unemployment Insurance Are By Design

By Marty Hart-Landsberg, Reports From the Economic Front. -

Our unemployment insurance system has failed the country at a moment of great need.  With tens of millions of workers struggling just to pay rent and buy food, Congress was forced to pass two [...]

Martin Luther King’s Radical Anticapitalism

By Keeanga Yahmahtta-Taylor, The Paris Review. -

In a posthumously published essay, Martin Luther King, Jr. pointed out that the “black revolution” had gone beyond the “rights of Negroes.” The struggle, he said, is “forcing America to face all [...]

Martin Luther King’s Vision Of An Interconnected World

By Arthur Romano, Waging Nonviolence. -

We are facing converging global crises — a horrific pandemic, worsening economic inequality both in the United States and globally, climate change and the continuing scourge of systemic racism [...]

Chris Hedges On The Roots Of Rage In Tinderbox America

By Russell Mokhiber, Morgan County USA. -

Former New York Times reporter Chris Hedges went on the Jimmy Dore Show this week to discuss the roots of rage in Tinderbox America. “The reaction by CNN and the mainstream media was quite [...]

Free Grocery Store Opens In District With High Number Of Poor Students

By Janelle Griffiths, NBC News. -

This month, the principal of Linda Tutt High School in the small town of Sanger, Texas, said he was approached by an eighth grader eager to share that he had bought a three-in-one men's shampoo, [...]

The US Undercounts People In Poverty By 106 Million

By Cassie M. Chew, Sojourners. -

Suppose the total annual income of a family composed of a mother, father, great-aunt, and two children living outside of a major metropolitan area came to $32,000 in 2019. Although their income [...]

Indigenous-Led Patrol Keeps Peace, Assists People In Inner City

By Chad Pawson, -

An Indigenous-led patrol in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is hoping for funding from the city so it can expand to provide services similar to a well-known patrol in Winnipeg. The Sweet Grass [...]

Book Review: ‘The Myth And Propaganda Of Black Buying Power’

By Margaret Kimberly, Organisation for Propaganda Studies. -

Dr. Jared A. Ball’s new book, “The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power” explains the history of the black “buying power” canard. It is a commercial and political propaganda tool for the [...]